ER-301 Drummachine

Hello everybody,

I am the proud owner of a ER-301 recently and could not find something about what I would like to do with it and that is making the ER-301 a small drummachine with self made samples. So no extrernal sounds but just samples.

I would like to for example have 8 samples that can be triggered by an external gate/trig and the sounds come out from a mono or stereo ouput from the ER-301.

Is this possible?
Does a configuration already exist?

Hope somebody can help.



Yes, of course.

There are plenty of presets that users have put up on the forum but they tend to be on the complicated side so maybe not the best place to start for someone just starting?

I recommend reading through the ER-301 wiki and also spend some time just browsing and experimenting with single units at a time.

When you have the basic concepts down and are familiar with most of the essential units then I would try going through this tutorial for one of the ways to make a drum rack:

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Thanks Brian,
Fantastic, I’ll read all this and that.

Sorry for the NOOB question.