ER-301 failing to load units upon boot

So recently my 301 has been acting up, and fails to load units when it boots up, essentially making me have to restart my entire system to make it work again. Basically, all units fail to load. Any idea what could be causing this? Is there some sort of log or something I can look into to see what exactly is failing?

Edit, found the log in the unit, which says “Error Factory.instantiate: Failed to find player.Varispeed”

But it’s not just the varispeed it can’t find, none of the units load.

Could it be a lack of space on the SD card?

I had a similar condition where units would fail to function, players in particular, because there simply wasn’t enough headroom on the front storage media

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Thanks for chiming in! I’ve got 10 gig free on the SD card, so I don’t think that’s it, unfortunately!

Maybe try reinstalling the core package?

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i’d suspect the rear SD card damage, possibly the ‘emergency firmware install’ procedure is worth trying with a new (different) SD card —

SD cards are rather flimsy sort of storage medium, sometimes they just go…

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Thanks @yrn1 and @joe_biomassa ! I’ll try to re-install the core package, and if that don’t work, I’ll get a new SD card for the back. Any particular sd cards recommended for this purpose?

Can’t go wrong with Sandisk. I have a 32GB one.

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Sweet. Thanks! :slight_smile:

So it works after restarting?

I just remembered that all this started happening after I detached the Tesseract faderbank from the ER-301. I just deleted the Teletype-package from the 301 now, and it seems to load up just fine everytime now! So that was probably it? :slight_smile:

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