ER-301 for Ambient Soundscapes

Hi There,
Love my ER-301 and ER 101/102.

Is there a way to build a setup in my ER-301 to make Ambient Soundscapes like the plug-in Mikron Cascade from 112dB?

I would love to use the ER-301 for this, within my eurorack setup.


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I think that is really doable. I haven’t used the Mikron Cascade, but the demo I just watched suggests some combination of delays w/pitch modulation, loopers/manual grains/grain stretch, panning, and reverb.

You might also check out @rbeny’s ultraviolet custom unit (though I think he’s updating it to work for the new firmware, so you may have to wait a bit):


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oh yeah you can go nuts with ambience sound design with the 301. Everything from the loopers, delays, grains, slicers, filters… it’s a blank canvas! :slight_smile:

Did somebody created a unit, that I use as a starting point and to build from there?

@tomk’s suggestion above probably your best bet at the outset, but as he said, I don’t think it’s working on current firmware.

With my new firmware I cannot load up any more unit created by others. I don’t find them in my selection choices for insert units. So also not Ultraviolet. It also let not load up as a chain.
I’m still very new with the ER-301

Maybe I do something wrong, but I’m in version 03.18 and I don’t see the custom units in the menu to choice from. I put them is different folders on my SD card, but they never show up in the menu selection. What do I do wrong?


The chooser folder no longer works in v0.3.xx. You have to load presets manually for now.

  • Insert a blank Custom Unit.
  • Focus press the unit’s header to access the unit menu.
  • Press “Load Preset” and choose the preset file that you want to load with ENTER.
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That works like a charm.
Sometimes things can be so easy.
Thanks Brian


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Any plans on bringing this back? Would be pretty sweet having a ‘custom’ or ‘user’ category in the unit navigation list to quickly access all our goodies! :slight_smile:

I guess you didn’t catch the “for now” part? :wink:

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@roelreine I would also recommend checking out this thread to see what people are making with the 301 - lots of different soundscape territory within :slightly_smiling_face: