ER-301 for sale (Germany)

Asking 900€. Bought for 1050€ on the 29th of Mai 2017. Pickup in Frankfurt am Main, shipping free within Germany (or any place else if you pay). Box not included.


After two years, I have heavy-heartedly decided to sell my ER-301. I love the device, what i understand of its concept and functionality – but having used it for no more than 20 hours ever since I’ve owned it, I’m noticing I just don’t wont find the patience to wrap my head around it.

It’s in excellent condition (tiny rack rash on two holes) – all knobs, switches and the dial feel like new. It has a functioning shunt assembled, as i briefly tried to I2C it with a teletype (which i’ve soled for the same reason)

Will happily provide videos or any other proof of operational reliability.

edit: it’s cat-hair free! promise…


it’s been sold