ER-301 freezing when creating a buffer

Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

I’m using the Sampler/Looper to loop a random sound source from input 1.

3 out of the last 4 attempts to create a buffer and assign it have failed - this usually happens just following the naming stage. Reducing the buffer size helped get one completed but this may just be coincidence. Once I got my chain working, I copied it and threw it in a new Mixer and when I went to create/assign a new buffer, it froze again.

Here’s my chain although it freezes with or without the rest of the units:
Input 1 > Looper > LPF > Freeverb > Mixer > Outputs 1&2

Trigger on A1 > Reset
Trigger on A1 > Punch

Thank you for the bug report! Some questions:

  • What version of the firmware?
  • What was the size of the buffer you were trying to create?
  • What was the size of the buffer that finally worked?
  • 0.3.05
  • The first two were 30 secs but I backed this down to 10 secs
  • 10 secs worked the first time, not the second time

I should also note that the unit was passing audio both times - not necessarily processing it, just feeding the input to the outputs.

Thanks for looking into it!

Hmm. This sounds like a hairy one because people have obviously been creating buffers of all kinds of sizes successfully. So there must be some secondary cause or piece of the puzzle that I’m missing.

Does it not crash if you quicksave everything, load it back up and then try creating the 30s buffer?

I quicksaved, cleared the chain, then loaded the quicksave before creating/assigning a 5 sec buffer and it worked. I think I’m going to have to play around and see if I can recreate the conditions needed to make it crash. I’m guessing an obvious answer might be my SD card considering others have no issues?

I don’t think it is the SD card. These buffers are created in RAM. I’m wondering if it is memory fragmentation but even then it should just pop up a message saying that the buffer creation failed, not crash…

Did you have a lot of stuff in the Sample Pool at the time?

I will also continue trying various things.

I was able to create another 5 sec buffer successfully.

Not sure what was going on. Here is my process - maybe I was doing something wrong.

Assign Input 1 to Outputs 1&2
Load Looper
Assign Reset to A1
Adjust Dub
Adjust Wet
Assign Buffer
Create Buffer
Buffer length
Save As
[this is where it would begin creating with a “%” number visible and this % would freeze and the unit becomes completely unresponsive]

Haha! I totally misunderstood you. You are actually saying it is crashing when saving a buffer to the SD card when the whole time I thought you were talking about creating (allocating) the buffer.

In this case, yes definitely you need to update to v0.3.08 to fix this issue.

By the way, why are you saving the buffer right after creating it? You are just going to get a bunch of WAV files with silence.

I thought this was how it was done… :neutral_face:

Now on to updating… thanks!

Well there are certainly cases when you would save the buffer but usually only after you have recorded audio into them. I want to make sure you understood that connection. :wink: Saving a quicksave or preset never writes audio data to the SD card. Quicksaves and presets only take note of what sample files are assigned or in the case of (memory-only) buffers, their size.

Saving audio data is something that the user is responsible for because it involves making potentially dangerous decisions about whether to overwrite an existing WAV file or creating a new WAV file.

In summary, since a buffer is just scratch space for recording audio, you only need to save it to the SD card once it contains audio that you do not want to lose. Saving it forces you to give it a name and location on the SD card. This (by definition) promotes the previously memory-only buffer to a file-backed WAV sample.