Er-301 froze while loading chain preset

last saturday i was using er-301 live for my second time, i experienced a total freeze. luckily i was finishing my set so i left it alone, i couldn’t reboot the entire rig in that moment…

i was using a cpu intensive quicksave with global chains (my custom analog shift register, 4 voices), channels 1&2 linked with 4 samplers receiving pitch from global chains, one lpf after them and another 3 samplers for percussions.
on channel 3 i had a clocked delay followed by an lpf with frequency modulated by an envelope follower.

the idea was to maintain the same structure over all my liveset and just change chain presets for channels 1&2. the first time i did it went well but when i loaded back the original chain the unit got stuck in the loading process, nothing i did was able to bring it out of the freeze.
i was wondering if there is a way to reboot the 301 without having to power off the whole rig. if not that might be a good idea for situations like this!
if you want i can send the culprit quicksave, global chains preset and the various chains presets.
thanks! (cpu was more than 60% usually)

p.s.: when i swapped chain presets the 301 was receiving audio on in 3, clock on g1, pitch on a1, triggers on d1,d2,d3

Did a message come up saying that it saved a crash.log?

I assume that this worked in rehearsal?

You might be able to by pressing the 3 blue buttons beneath the knob all at once.

mmm nope, no messages, the screen froze on some ‘loading xxyy unit’ message.

aaah! i will try it next time! i will try to replicate the behaviour by doing exactly the same things!
and yes, all chains worked during rehearsals but i must admit i was in a hurry so i didn’t test it too extensively…