ER-301 in Ableton promo pic!

Look who made an appearance in one of those super hip bedroom studio promo pics from Ableton! :grin:


there’s also another pic flaunting their new wave editor… which looks almost exactly the same as Synthesis Technologies wave edit… AND… there’s an MG-1 in the picture (which he designed for RadioShack with Moog). I can’t figure out if they’re trolling him or not :open_mouth:


Neil, personally I think it is just coincidence. Paul thinks he is amazing (and he does some great things) but his ego really sucks and is a detriment to his business.

Regarding the promo pic, I like how it is in its own enclosure and silhouetted!




Weird they put arrows pointing to the ER-301 though :joy:


Nice… If i were going to release a new product i’d want it pictured next to a 301 too :smiley:

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I’m pretty sure khiner added those arrows himself. There is no way I am on Ableton’s radar. :sweat_smile:

Ha, that would be something if they added those arrows. I assumed kel was joking with this one :slight_smile:

Indeed… silliness is something I really aspire to have more of in my life :crazy_face:


I think this photo will give even more work to Brian :smiley:

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Paul would make a great storytelling Uncle at Xmas. He just needs a pipe and a big laz-ee-boy :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be so sure. Ableton has a lot of competition in all shapes and sizes right now. They’d be foolish if you weren’t on their radar.

Also, I did chat about it with Robert Henke last time I was in Berlin :wink:


I’ll go nuts here and exagerate wildly:

E-mail machine music makes me neurotic.
301 straight into Audacity, done.