ER 301 Making harsh distortion on Input sound as well as on Samples

Hello Everyone
Finally I got a ER 301 and trying to process
samples or incoming sound signal
and get very harsch distortion.
I have a latest firmware 0.40

Any suggeston?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Please, could you provide some further information on what you have going before, inside and after the er 301?

Exactly what I was going to ask too! :wink:

Hello! I was addin direct signal from Endorphine Fuhrrrr, than also Aux sent from mixer
done on track direct sound inputn from In1 and gave direct out to the Out1

Tried all the settings in preamp settings.

Than I also tried o compy sample from my computer and play it through different sample players.
The result is the same, the sound is completely fucked up

There is an answer

Are you absolutely sure that you are meeting the power requirements?