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ER-301 Micro systems


Hello community!

I have recently “finished” a 6U case so it’s time to rethink the whole concept and start over! Contrary to tradition this will be a serious downsize, with the least amount of modules I need to keep my ER-301 functional and fun, while adding some Elektron boxes to have a groove started a little easier and be able to save my work. I’m suffering from patch fatigue (did someone use that word already?). I have limited time to invest in my eurorack setup and by the time I have a patch I like, I’m too tired to start planning a recording and producing a useful piece of music from it. And I like to work in the moment, not having to listen to the same patch every single time I sit down at my instrument. Anyway, so much for the context and rationale of my decision. This is my rack:

I want to sell most of the modules and get a Analog Rytm mkII + Digitone. I also have a Squarp Pyramid and I will probably keep that one in tandem with Expert Sleepers FH-1. This is a draft of my new rack (I have some rails lying around that are 98HP wide and I would like to make a 3U rack from that, but the smaller the better!)

I am most interested in using loopers and grains and weirdness in the ER-301 that I can’t get from the Elektron boxes. So my question is: what modules should I definitely keep according to you, or which ones should I get instead? Is this a good idea, any other advice?

Oh yeah this is the rig pic I posted not so long ago: ER301 rig pics!

Ergonomics: ER-301 in a beauty box?
What do you use all these triggers for?

Hey! I’m new here, and will follow this one with a lot of interest! Right now i’m trying to settle to an 84hp sound mangling skiff based around the 301 too. Micro o_C, Pam’s new workout, Ansible as modulation. 3Sisters as the filter and I/O utilities such as a MI Ears to get things in (like yours) and the ALM sbg to use with my CT5, or ElCap. In addition, i use shades as my offset and recently got a Mannequins W/ that I haven’t got into yet :slight_smile:


Cool, yeah I think it’s an interesting topic: ER-301 micro-systems! I think Pam’s is an excellent choice. Do you know if it can be used as a master clock for Elektron boxes as well? I know Analog Rytm has two cv inputs so that might work out. Ears is also a no-brainer for external instruments, but also as an envelope follower that could even be used to convert ER-301 audio to cv.

Maybe I should rename this thread to something more generic.


I’m setting up something similar w pamela nw, o_c, w/, levit8 (8 offsets following a recommendation from a member) gozinta and ansible. I think offsets can be used as manual gates as well. My initial idea was to have the doepfer mini keyboard combo, which combines manual gates and 1v/o cv but I moved to ansible for more flexibility. Ansible is sold out everywhere at the mo though,


Oh yeah I reacted to that thread I remember. Maybe it planted a seed :wink:


Also building something similar in approach. I’ve been debating between adding another voice vs. more modulation/EG and so when I looked closer at Just Friends it seems to be the best of both worlds. Wonder when they are going to restock.

I also have a Tetrapad and a Peaks for interfacing with the er301. I haven’t totally clicked with them yet, they may get swapped out for some combo of Pam’s and Distings, but I want to give them some more time before making any more moves.


…just friends is tempting …


I love little system like this. Not because they are little but because they belie what they are capable of. It is why I love the ER-301 and digital modules in general.

Looking forward to developments on this thread.


This is great! It’s really liberating to limit your sound sources and fx processors so you can really focus on getting creative with composition/modulation.


Hi @Bparticle

A couple of thoughts:

  1. if you can afford it, don’t sell your modules… yet! since the ‘micro system’ is hyper critical on module choice. I found it helps so much to have a little ‘library’ of modules that you can play with to get the right fit – in my situation I have one section of the micro system that is a little more amorphous, where I swap a couple things back and forth depending on the session.

  2. I had and sold an elektron AR. There were lots of cool things and things that weren’t my fav, but in the end I just could not get passed the fact that you cannot input audio and record it directly to be played on the pads. You have to specifically transfer/load any material onto the machine and that killed the workflow of a machine that otherwise plays like a sampler… it just can’t sample (?!). Its def personal preference though, the machine was cool. The strom ios app is a must have if you go this route imho! :slight_smile: I wonder if you might get more mileage from a digitak, but you’ve probably thoroughly checked into that already too. :slight_smile:

The setup looks a bit more on the programmy side, I wonder if you’ll miss the play-ability of the TSNM.
Can’t go wrong though, modularis great and elektron stuff is so fun too. I’m curious where you land on everything!


I forgot 1 thing! I truly believe a 1u row is a must for a micro system! Having utils in the 1u row means u can have all meat upstairs in the 3u row. You can also make the overall footprint slightly more square, not quite as long for patching and table space and reachy reachy. Just something to consider :blush:


Just some idea:
Shuttle Control + ipad Liine Lemur app = 16 CV touch control in 16HP (enough for all of the 301).
Disting + squarp = seqencing done.
Ansible + arcs = more control out.

So in your case i’d try to move control out entirely and focus on voices + filters + FX in the box.

Rainmaker /Magneto /Morpheus /Morgasmatron /Borg, whatever you like. I’d save sister & mangroove, RT60 if you really want (ipad can run gates no problem) maybe get FXbox from 1010? Just as a failsafe i’d maybe go with mini o_C to be able to fill the gaps/what you miss:

https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/630085 here is super downsized but with sequencer. You can take that out to save space if u will use pyramid + fh1.


Thank you for the great ideas and inspiration!

I also had an Analog Rytm at one point and sold it. But the mkII can sample! And it has a lot of improvements that I missed in the previous version. So I’m pretty excited about that :slight_smile: and yes, I would want to reinvest so to speak, as I don’t have the money available to just get some more gear. Also I still like to think I am working towards one holy grail setup that is going to be perfect so I never will need another thing :laughing:

I like the one row idea, and I have four rails of that width so easy to implement.


A pack of Allflesh are also a nice option so you don’t have to spend hp on simple gate switches.


It can sample now eh? that’s pretty cool! Ok def going to have to get your thoughts on it, if you end up going that way!


last night i was doing some excercises in harmony building custom asr with additional delays + sample&hold to have multiple sample players play in a related way and building up a little 4 voices orchestration.it was great and i used just 301, tempi and o_C. i could have done almost everything with just the 301 (except for the turing machine on o_C).
i think i will sooner or later build myself a small case with just those three modules and maybe an expert sleepers fh-1 to add some external controller (like korg nanokontrol2) to have sliders\knobs assigned to various duties.


Another way of putting the question about an ER-301 micro-system:

What would be the absolute minimum requirement to make the unit work as a standalone device?

I just acquired an Analog Rytm mk2 and a Zoom recorder and enjoying the freedom of making music without physically patching cables… a lot. So, I want to seriously unclutter and sell my modular system in its entirety. Everything has to go, but the ER-301 cause I think it’s too valuable a tool even without an accompanying eurorack system.


monome teletype looks interesting…


Interesting suggestion. I’m loooking for the absolute bare minimum though. I don’t have a clue how much ground teletype covers so I should look into it.

I have an Expert Sleepers FH-1 that makes sense of keeping since I could sequence externally with midi and it does clocked and free LFO stuff that is great to have. Only thing that bothers me is that it is a pretty deep module and I would want the whole micro-system as thin and light as possible.

I will check out teletype.


Just responding to this, but Pam is an incredible master clock for anything midi if you get the Pexp 1 expander. I clock my Digitakt with it and it never misses a beat. It is so damn convenient to just push the one yellow button to have everything start in sync. Highly recommended !


I’m getting excited about my big downsize project :slight_smile: I have a pair of rails lying around and I plan to select modules to keep based on their usefulness for the ER-301 but especially: depth. Everything that goes beyond the depth of the rails has to go :smile:
This is my current selection, and I plan to get a Shuttle Control for sequencing with MIDI and power for the whole thing. Then I have 6HP left I think and the a super tight desktop synth enclosure.