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ER-301 Micro systems

Aah yeah cool, I forgot about this one. Also interesting! Will look into it

Yes, it does interesting glass marimba things when pinged. I guess it’ll wear out a bit with time though. I will probably sell it someday. I won’t be selling the six sisters anytime soon though.

Actual pic of the system (I ended up swapping the dual SH and Dplpg with a Frap Tools 333)


When I saw your six sisters I went on an exploring patch again with mine as a sound source. I think I’m going to keep it after all :smiley:

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Is that a Grau case? Its a shame that it has to be Powered by a uzeus… I have the stereo approach as well just like @Bparticle and always looking for nice stereo effects. I am not sure about the Qpas though. The Overseer got my attention as well.

I have a Clank case that I use in different configurations, depends on the gig I have coming. This saturday I will use this one:


@Jungleofwires it’s actually a 52+52hp Clank case, and it’s powered by a uZeus just because it’s what I have around, but I will sure switch to the Clank power thing when it’ll be out. I’m really fond of Clank, Andrea is kind and helpful and I know they will be doing nice things in the future.

@Bparticle 3sis is my favorite filter ever, the 3 in / 3 out arrangement is unique: I’ve used it also as a mixer, a strange chord oscillator, it can also be used as a sort-of stereo filter, if you use the lp and bp panned left and right and then you play with span and also with fade with the cold mac.


Very cool. I just made an effect preset for the ER-301 while toying around with the sisters as a sound source: Tilt Cove - Stereo Delay preset I added a video with a demo of the unit. Thanks for the inspiration!


haha, thank you, the unit sounds so fun. Tonight i will test it for sure!

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it was grrrrreat!

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micro setup, perfect to accompany my beloved one on her theremin :slight_smile:


Just filled this beautiful case from Black Hole Cases:


100% man.

I put a 16n in the lid of my pelicase
Pure awesome system !
16n controling the 301 txi controling 4 vca 1for each output so I use them as master volume for outs
Then teletype for sequencing the 301


That looks like a very well thought out setup!

Thank you
Yes for me it’s the perfect system

So I have finally broken down and after seeing @scttcmpbll’s post about Black Hole Cases, I ordered a green sub_six (I love green). I’ll be putting my 301, Teletype and eventually a Rossum Morpheus and ES-8.

I’d like to avoid using space for a power module, and had hoped to use an intellijel tps30-mini, but they are no longer stocked anywhere. Anyone have any tips for low-profile, short (the case is only 10 inches wide) bus distribution?

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i have the first (old) pulp logic lunchbox with different psu and board (with the NOS atari brick), now it’s different but the one i own is a great power supply\distribution. in fact its the only powering system i tried that lets me plug directly the monome grid into ansible with no digital noise (on my other systems i have to use offworld to separate data from power).
also i’m using it to power er-301, ansible + grid (all those leds!), makenoise tempi and fh1 plus a bunch of tiles.
pretty solid products, check it out!

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All in black!

I put an 3m covering


I’m interested to see the final specs for the Endorphins new 2hp power. I like saving space with a power that is integrated into the case but it’s at the cost of the smooth, exterior profile. This could prove to great alongside ALMs HPO as an output.

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I can finally add my new microsystem. I’m having lots of fun! I have had the snazzy fx tidal wave socked away for a long time. It’s complementing the 301 really well!


Had never heard of the Tidal Wave. Looks pretty, well, snazzy!

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