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ER-301 Micro systems


My system right now during a massive studio modular overhaul is literally a Waldorf KB37, Percussa SSP, ER-301 and a pair of headphones!


Curious as to what everyone’s preferences are for micro system module choices? I made up two systems here based around a 3u 104hp case; the top one is all control for the 301 and no sound sources, bottom one is less control for 301 but more external sound sources.

I feel like the top one would be more fun, a live and expressive way to sequence and interact with the 301. The bottom one however would produce much more complex timbres and allow the 301 with some extra cpu for processing.

It’s interesting to see how others have approached this. Balancing controls and sound sources. Perhaps I should just stick to my 208hp case and have the best of both worlds. But as always I love compact and focused systems. Anyway thought I’d pick the communities brain about it! :slight_smile:



It’s a hard one isn’t it? I mentioned on the other thread how I’m going back and forth between the two approaches. Just the ER-301 with control makes for a very focused system but you’re stuck in one single mindset. With the second approach, I feel you might as well leave all your modules happy and snug in a big case, cause you will never find the “perfect” combination of flavors to add to it, and you typically need an exponential number of modules for them to work well together. Then again you can just swap some modules once in a while to fit the mood and patch on the coach. That’s just plain fun. Adding a 1U row makes it a lot easier though.

I like the way you’re mapping out your patch beforehand. I should try that.

One thing is for sure: I want the ER-301 right where I can get at it and manipulate comfortably, so not in a big upright case. It’s the module I spend the most time with and I don’t want my arm in a funny angle for two hours in a row.


Anybody else see the new 4ms pod cases and think immediately of the 301?




about to have a case made just for the 301… here is what I am thinking…


Wow, looks very fun. :slight_smile:

You might want to consider a physical envelope or lfo module, as adsr’s in particular eat a lot of control, but it’s up to your way of working, really.


FLXS1 has envelopes per step. beyond that I’m more likely to create the envelopes inside the ER301 patch and trigger them with a set of gates. if I really feel the need to go with more envelopes like that, I could see tossing in a dual envelope generator at some point or just patching it to my larger rack.



This is what I am about to do with one of those 60HP 4ms cases…



Pluck won’t fit in the pod. You can really only fit single parallel PCB modules in there (or very low profile dual PCB modules). Perpendicular ones just don’t work.


Yup, 2hp modules are too deep (they won’t even fit frap tools plus cases). And I believe you don’t need the ALM headphone out. Just use a 2-mono to 1-stereo minijack adaptor and you can plug your headphones directly in the ER-301. See, you just saved 4hp! :smiley:


ah poop y’all are right. Hmmmm… then I have room for a 4HP multiple. w00t.


Today it’s my 301 birthday !
So I offer it a new case and a teletype !
it’s an pelicase 1170 !


This is easily my most read thread on this forum. I’m very close to pulling the trigger on a 4u 62hp case and sell my 208hp case, but as always I’m second guessing it. I would be heartbroken to sell what I worked so hard to get over the course of a year only to realize I want it again. So at the very least I’m going to do the slow sell, and keep a few modules around. But the case will have to go soon as I have a buyer lined up so my process seems to be getting expedited! The question I’m faced with is do I want to forego a certain level of control and downsize my modular rig so I can focus on other instruments like piano and guitar and everything I’ve neglected the last year…? Ugh I just don’t know…

But anyway I sat down last night and built a patch around a voltage block and a pamela’s new workout to see how it would feel vs using the 301 alone. I was surprised to see how much simple things like a global clock, some interesting gates, s&h, noise source, and a couple lfo’s add up when using the 301 alone. But with the pnw and voltage block helping out the 301 thrives with the extra available CPU. Realizing now that my initial plan of just a ton of offsets wouldn’t have been very fun with the CPU constantly reaching it’s limit.

My only wonder is, with the 301 only having a single cursor to navigate around, should I just go back to mouse music (i.e. working in a daw?) My idea to combat this would be using a lot of offsets and the voltage block + pams, and having multiple quicksaves handy for live use. Finish a piece, get my MPC doing something cool while it loads, then back to wiggling? Lots of ideas but no certainty to any of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What processes are the most intensive on the CPU and should be left up to external modules?

@Bparticle how has the downsize felt for you so far?


HAha, that’s one confused ramble and I’m right there with you every single word! :rofl:

I was very happy with my small ER-301 system and I learned so much just focusing on a few modules, but right now, I’m upscaling again :smiley: I DIY’d a 1U row on my big case and now I’m slowly building back up to a bigger system. I missed the diversity and I craved the different mindsets that come with using different modules. The ER-301 is capable of so much, but it is still one way of thinking, or at least one “flavor” of thinking about sound creation and music. And also, I just missed designing a new case and conceptually thinking about the combinations of different modules. And yes, I wish I wouldn’t have sold certain bread and butter modules that you just need in a bigger system. VCA’s, mixers and essentials like that. So if you’re not too tight financially, I would try it out but keep your modules. You can easily get another case if you want to return.

You need to do what feels right of course. It’s true that a small system will probably free up time and energy to for playing other instruments and incorporate them in your repertoire. If you can, get the smaller case and experiment, and leave the modules around.

Concerning the ER-301/DAW thought, it’s still a BIG difference. Yes, it’s a sound computer, but that doesn’t make it laptop :slight_smile: I had most fun with my micro system when I was traveling and brought it along. I could just perform and record a full track sitting in a couch somewhere far from home, without having the feeling I was working with a computer. It’s a genuine hardware instrument and I think that’s amazing. My current case is not going anywhere, it’s way too heavy and that’s a shame.


Changed out a couple things, and I’m gonna switch out either the clock divider or the brain seed for the quicco sound m1.e (for bluetooth control by op-z). Hard to choose which because both are essential to what im doing, but I think the clock divider will end up out of the case…


What are the rest of the modules. Only shuttle country is clear in the photo!


top row: w/, 3x MIA, doepfer clock div, Shuttle control, brain seed, uGrids.

bottom: 301, endorphin.es cockpit