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ER-301 Micro systems


Eyeing the brain seeds, thanks


is the lid removable on that model? looks great.


Hey thank you !
Normaly not but you can put off the axes and then you can remove the lid
And when the case is close the lid don’t move


Finally did it! Downsized my 6U 108hp case into 4U 104hp centered around the 301 and I feel really good about it. I wouldn’t call it micro per se but it’s definitely smaller! I have a show TOMORROW that I get to break this system in with and so far my practice runs have been turning out really well! I actually feel like I have more freedom now with using the 301 more heavily. My process is: fade a sound in, play it for a while, fade out, load new chain preset, repeat! Plaits for some extra goodness but I’ll probably switch it out for other oscillators over time to keep it fresh. Plenty of offsets for controls and the Voltage Block + O_C are stellar for sequencing.

I put this plan into motion like 3 days ago knowing I had a show coming up but in a stroke of luck, everything I needed was being sold locally so it came together beautifully! :slight_smile:


Looking great, @tangolima! I’m still in the process of upscaling after my micro experiments. It takes time because finances are :skull_and_crossbones:. In that respect, downsizing is definitely easier! :joy:

Anyway good luck with the show! Let us know how it went.


Waiting for my 301! I have been planning a 60hp*6U system for the ER-301+Just Friends+Teletype, with a handmade DIY wooden box! will update when it finished. :smiley: :wink: