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ER-301 Micro systems


Eyeing the brain seeds, thanks


is the lid removable on that model? looks great.


Hey thank you !
Normaly not but you can put off the axes and then you can remove the lid
And when the case is close the lid don’t move


Finally did it! Downsized my 6U 108hp case into 4U 104hp centered around the 301 and I feel really good about it. I wouldn’t call it micro per se but it’s definitely smaller! I have a show TOMORROW that I get to break this system in with and so far my practice runs have been turning out really well! I actually feel like I have more freedom now with using the 301 more heavily. My process is: fade a sound in, play it for a while, fade out, load new chain preset, repeat! Plaits for some extra goodness but I’ll probably switch it out for other oscillators over time to keep it fresh. Plenty of offsets for controls and the Voltage Block + O_C are stellar for sequencing.

I put this plan into motion like 3 days ago knowing I had a show coming up but in a stroke of luck, everything I needed was being sold locally so it came together beautifully! :slight_smile:


Looking great, @tangolima! I’m still in the process of upscaling after my micro experiments. It takes time because finances are :skull_and_crossbones:. In that respect, downsizing is definitely easier! :joy:

Anyway good luck with the show! Let us know how it went.


Waiting for my 301! I have been planning a 60hp*6U system for the ER-301+Just Friends+Teletype, with a handmade DIY wooden box! will update when it finished. :smiley: :wink:


What skiff is that??? :0


:smiley: Looks great doesn’t it?

Unfortunately this is just two bare rails holding the modules together :slight_smile: I wish I could make it that thin but you need cables, power and so forth and it always turns out way bulkier. There is this Swiss eurorack company called Seismic Industries who have a way of making their systems no more than 20mm deep and I love that. I guess you could use their case and add other super-thin modules.


Ha! It did look to good to be true :smile:
I was already checking those, but I cannot see it being sold separately and I fear it might only for with their modules, where do they even put the flying cables?!?! :slight_smile:


I mounted a spring to my mini system :robot:




As someone who is obsessed with spring reverb and micro modulars this speaks to me :heart_eyes:


so cute!


this is awesome.
@odevices: i was just speaking with a friend about how a desktop version of the er-301 might be a very interesting product. with its own built in PSU and a few changes, like built-in midi interface.
think about it: the flexibility and general awesomeness of this device makes it very desirable for a lot of potential non-modular users! (guitar players, field recordists, noise performers, computer music enthusiasts that want a portable, non computer-based device)

if you’d throw in a battery pack for outdoor use and maybe a couple low noise analog preamps with xlr\jack combo input and 48v supply it could be a dream device!


I did this to travel the other day and I must say I love it. Great on it’s own (with i little USB Midi keyboard).
Need to put a reverb tank in this case.


Veryful happyful with this lil’ setup. Sometimes I feel a bit anxious when I have a lot of modules in front of me… This micro system is helping.


I really like small self contained systems. I’ve got two at the moment, in DIY cases 6U 60hp. Powered bij rowpwr… this is the one with the ER-301. There is an ER-101 coming. So Maybe the drumseq will be replaced by the 101 and a pamela (is currently in the other small case)

Oh the 4hp hole in there is for a fxpedal i/o… will be the strymon i think


With a freshly solderen 6mix from antumbra my 4ms pod is done :slight_smile:
Time to do some homework on the ER-301!


My micro system, although I’m going to switch out the Moog case for a Pod60 due to noise issues with the Synthrotek power in this case


Oh my that black faceplate looks so sexy…