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ER-301 Micro systems


I had a good time organizing the pods.
Two arrangements for different purposes.

Here is some noise I made with it.


That would be absolutely hectic! As someone that comes from guitar/recording a stand alone 301 with those features would be absolutely insane. Like an OP-1 except it plays well with everything!


What I’m trying to figure out from all these lovely photo’s is WHEN you are using a second voice outside the ER-301 do you feed them into the ER-301 or do you mix them somewhere.


Wonderful sounds and such a nice little system. Great patch! Just two semi-erratic voices in a two band container? I really enjoyed watching this.

I feel this thread has been yielding more robust results since the arrival of the pods.


my recent 301/Norns mini system…


A joy to the eye!


Either! I like having a separate mixer module because options.


16n set up


Really love this! Great sounds and composition


are you plugging the 16n directly in to the 301?


yup. the noodles that are coming out of the top of the 16n faderbank are going into the 301. the right half is controlling volume and feedback on Norns.


Damn that case is such a perfect size! I almost had one at one point, but hesitated foolishly. Also that fader bank seems like the 301’s best friend but I still don’t understand how they communicate? I guess I just need to spend more time on that thread…

Here’s my latest setup with the teensy tiny micro system. Thinking about replacing the O_c and Disting with some offsets for more control but perhaps I really just need that faderbank??


have installed 04.11 this morning :grinning: lets get into it…

edit: if only i had the 301 housed in a small case. i could study and use the module everywhere. we wouldn’t be consigned only to the studio

V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

I keep mine in a 3u rackbrute and I got this battery pack that can actually output 12v and power my case… so its quite portable and fits nicely in front of my large case when in the studio. makes programming patches on the 301 so much easier


I wanted to make a little portable too, but it seems i have to save up for a heaphone output module first…what are others using ?


been thinking of getting a 4ms pod and a alm HPO for this exact purpose. making and testing custom units is much easier when I’m at my desk


I use a uJack (intellijel) for that, just for my portable case.
(In the studio I find the uJack to have a pretty bad SNR.)


endorphin.es cockpit, 4 stereo inputs (and a couple other nice features) in 6hp.
-instant mute and un mute (LEDs show volume level , even when muted) .
-ducking compressor (with multiple settings)

-4th input (maybe 3rd too, can’t remember) can function as an iPad return (with i think the 1st channel being a send) using a trrs cable.

  • chainable

  • downside: ONLY has a 3.5 mm stereo out for headphones (but because it’s chainable 1/4 in outputs could be kludged). I added a 3.5 mm stereo in to meng qis please exist 2, and for a while just kept the cockpit permanently patched so i could have the 1/4 in outs.


I use a dual mono to stereo minijack cable right from two of the ER301 outs (I usually put a stereo Linear VCA at the end of the chain).


Doepfer A-139-2, does the job, but I am sure some guys would say it is too wide… :wink: