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ER-301 Micro systems


i’m quite sure someone already mentioned this, but can’t find it in a search; i returned to my modular yesterday and found out that Scope Mode can’t be used to navigate Global Chains (v 0.4.11) … yet?
edit: nevermind i found the original report and a satisfying answer


my solution…kickin back in bed noodlin on the 301cc


That’s a good point. I do have a MN Rosie, but being a modular nut i’ll Probably buy something just for thr OD box. Something like a … hmmmm . Panning mixer, output stage, headphone unit. So many choices:grinning::grinning::thinking:


I was thinking more about taking it to bed. I did try when it was in the monster case but that’s a bit too big and almost impossible to get up onto the top bunk


Ding ding, we have a winner.

Well i need to see if it works with my sony mdr-7506 headphones.

i found a mono to stereo adapter and it works decent plugged direct into er-301 output ! I tried this with other modules in the past and didnt work well at all…
cool, now i have a small er-301 rig to take with me wherever.

I just dont feel right spending $65+ for a headphone output module which probably has about $15 worth of parts in it.

I wish someone would sell a kit or just a pcb for such a thing…


Sorry, i have no idea why editing my last post shows in bold…


Little study case :slight_smile:


I modded a 4ms Pod 60 to take an external I2c connection from a 16n Faderbank. Works great!

Transit - MIDI to ER-301 via I2C [In Development]

That combination of modules is incredible.

I’m sure someone else posted the same thing above, maybe two people - it’s solid!

Nice work on the mod - perfect!


I think @maf was the first with the combo of pod, er-301, tele and pams, so I hereby call this instrument The Maf.

Incidentally, the ScannerDarkly module here is really good… can supply USB power for Monome Grid, 16n, midi keyboards without external wall warts etc. You can even plug a Grid and a QWERTY keyboard into it at the same time, and toggle between them with the switch - a perfect combo if you like coding with the TT Grid ops.


hey, i see you had the same issue i did with the HPO in the pod32. you can take the faceplate off the HPO (remove the knurled nuts) and flip it over, then the faceplate will align with the pod32 holes so you can mount it on the right of the ER-301 (so you don’t have to snake the output across the back). you lose the faceplate markings since its now mounted flipped front to back, but at least it fits on the right side of the case.


Wow!! I love this idea!! Brilliant :sunglasses:


having tons of fun with it! it has 1/4" left and right jacks on the side AND headphone out! thanks to a 1u pulplogic tile with volume knob!
the fsr tile and attenuverters (working also as voltage source\offset generators) are perfect for the er-301! have some hp left, i don’t really know what else to move there. maybe the wasp filter…or an optomix…


placed the makenoise tempi in it.
i was using a 301 out for the clock, using a very small pulse width i managed to clock ansible, but with tempi i’m safer and i can use the other outs to drive other stuff inside the 301.
yesterday i managed to record a pretty complex track with this small setup (using the onboard recorder). really happy about it :slight_smile:


Here is a new combination of a micro system, with sound!

Sample playback and polyphonic drones. Hope you enjoy it. :wink:


Would this work? Am I missing something. Obviously the 301 would be the center part of this system, all other modules are to support. A Digitone would be sequencer via the FH-2 if needed. w/ is there to fill a 2hp hole, will also be a fun little extra. Ears to trigger loopers and allow for external audio into the 301. Shades for tactile control.

EDIT: The FH-2 and w/ are both to deep for the 4ms POD so I’ll have to rethink…


looks like a fun power house to me!
and it surely will work (if you didn’t forget some power solution;)
i had also good experiences with having the er301 at the far left side
of the case, so the spaghetti won’t interfer and the left hand can rest on the case…
love to see that 4ms mixer in combination with the er301.
and what is that 2hp thingy?
(Ears is great, but you won’t necessarily need it for getting external audio
into the er301…admin->input gain…)


It’s nice to have an additional analog gain stage for a microphone. The highest analog gain available on the 301 SOM is for line level, I think. So I’ve found a mic signal direct in is still pretty weak on the highest gain setting.


It’s the Mannequins w/ a fun little experimental looper, check it out :wink:


now that w/ is in fact effing awesome!
(should be called w/tf)