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ER-301 Micro systems


Indeed, too bad it wont fit in the 4ms pod :frowning:


good to know! i was planning to directly put mic signals in. but then i will try my sbg from alm first.


Seriously tempting me to get a pod here.


When I get my hands on an erthenvar lunchbox case, this is what will be in it26


Suggestion: Ditch the mixer, that’s taken care of by the 301 :slight_smile:


very minimalistic breakcore track with my micro system (tempi,ansible,fh-1,er-301, tiles)


Hey Jon, I was thinking something similar to your set up and was hoping you might have thoughts on my idea of grid/ansible, Just friends, mangrove, sisters, coldmac, er301, meng output all in make noise powered 104hp case? One is assuming your using VCA from the 301?


Aaand I’m back into micro… I keep going back and forth between shrinking and expanding my setup. When I’m in the bigger system I get frustrated with lack of portability, and micro feels restricted after a while. Oh well, keeps a man busy. Happy for now with my favorite little case full of good stuff.


Ive been lurking pretty hard on this thread for months and Ive been really enjoying my smaller system. While between some module swaps, I took the time to try to make a composition using only the 301 and an Ansible for sequencing. I enjoyed some morning light and whipped this fun little thing together! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

ER301 + Dogs from Smith levi on Vimeo.


I did use vca’s inside for that skiff. Since it’s been disassembled, back to a 12u with no monome modules. I use norns in midi modes to control an endorphin shuttle control, along with a Korg nanokontrol controlling stuff within norns. It’s been a fun setup so far! Here it is in action:


Lovely. Nice dogs :slight_smile: + chill vibe = good stuff


Love it! :wink:


I was thinking something like this with a monome grid


The Intellijel Audio I/O would require the I/O Jacks- I guess the headphone module has you covered for output, but there’s no way of getting sound in.

Otherwise, I’ve got a similar system in the works, but sub out the Make Noise gear for an expanded Teletype and no Mangrove. I’m probably going to add a Crow for Norns integration and have an Arc on pre-order as well. My ER-301 isn’t shipping until next week though(!!!), so I can’t offer too much advice beyond that.


Ah silly me I realise now that swapping the headphone out with the I/o allows me to sample my wife’s vix etc. Thanks for the heads up, here’s the small re jig

Please do PM with your rig when it’s all up and running. I sold my norns as just wanted to focus on everything in 104hp controlled by grid. I felt I wanted to put my time into studying the 301 before making that my first purchase in the coming months.

Thank you


Actually you can use the er-301 inputs as line-in, you can choose preamp settings in the admin menu.


Does this count as a microsystem? :thinking:


if you swap maths for frap tools falistri you might even ditch the moddemix and have one multipurpose 4 quadrant multiplier you can use as vca or ring modulator.
plus you get a very nice vco (it also wonderfully tracks external audio signals, today i was playing the vco with my bansuri flute :smiley: )


In owed to micro systems maybe something smaller like this in make noise powered skiff?


pretty powerful machine! perhaps not micro anymore tho :smiley: