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ER-301 Micro systems


Fair enough that’s my Q to move into the rig section :footprints:


I really have to fight the urge when I see setups to not go through them in my head and see how many check marks have been made in what is there and what is not. I think on large systems it doesn’t matter, but on these little systems it really matters. Well to me it would matter, it doesn’t have to matter.

Anyway all that to say that I really liked this. My own question is what are you using Pam’s for?


It’s a good question. The first answer is lots of Euclidean rhythms. The second answer is that I don’t know yet if it’s better to have oc and Pam or two Stages. The idea is to perform with this case next month in Florence, playing, granulating samples and processing stuff from norns (the setup would be this case, norns, grid and nanokontrol2 (using the less concept script) and the eventide H9.

EDIT: and the Stereo Field. How could I forget the Stereo Field. I love the Stereo Field.


Is the Cirklon truly religious?


I’ve never used another piece of music equipment that I felt more likely to keep and use for the rest of my life :angel:

Can’t say it’s everyone’s cup of tea though!


I am looking for a sequencer to drive the 301 with reasonable performance and live potential. Do you find the Cirklon fills that hole? I’d have already ordered one if the wait weren’t uh… so serious.


I’ll shoot you a PM about it, so as not to take this thread off-topic.


15 months waited so far and no doubt more due them going back in house to build them.


What I did on my micro, is build the Intellijel jacks in the side of the case, just like is the case on the Intellijel performance cases. In that way, all jacks on the front are 3.5 and you save some space for the multiples you swapped out for example. You can very easily take the front panel off, remove the jack caps and DIY ahead. It’s a really worthwhile fix!


Yeah sweet i’ll Keep that in mind when I build my case this summer, thank you. For now i’ll Use the make noise 3u 104 hp and get the er-301 first and start slowly building up from that (I have grid,ansible, coldmac already) with meng Qi please exist 2


4ms is releasing new Pods with 51mm module depth at the end of the month, so I guess more people (myself included) will be jumping aboard small (ER-301) systems :slight_smile:


Not sure if this counts as a “micro” system but I put this together to focus on composing with ER-101. Hope you enjoy!


It’s “wow” patch ! Congrats


Battery powered bluetooth micro system. We have a small townhouse with a lovely roof deck. So I thought I’d take advantage of spring and create a portable 301 micro system to go anywhere in the house or roof. I cut up an old TipTop Z-rail 84hp system I had laying around and drilled holes in the side for mounting. The battery sits around back and is a standard V-mount (like this https://bhpho.to/2FfnL2N) I use in production all the time so I have many sitting around. 8+ hours of power. The Korg Nano Key is an awesome pairing with the Hermod. In addition to all the scale functions, velocity and chords it has 8 CC encoders and 8 velocity sensitive drum pads. Which work perfectly with the Hermod. The Yamaha BT Midi (https://yamaha.io/2W6r2at) keeps everything as wireless as possible. I use AUM (https://apple.co/2TdpSba) to route the Nano to the BT Midi via my iphone. The ALM HPO and 2hp mixer round out the system. I use a small pair of Bose in ear headphones when I want to be silent. Or a tiny BT transmitter out of the HPO to a small BT speaker which is stowed in the back as well.

I can quickly remove the eurorack off the top, stow the power cables in the back and pop on my Digitakt (you can see the velcro strips under the euro). It uses all the same gear but a slightly different power cable to knock the voltage back. I can get 20+ hours with the Digitakt.

I thought the portability would be a novelty. A fun way to get out of the studio. But with both systems, I was surprised at how focused and productive I became. I’ve since transformed a small semi hard case to fit the Digitakt, Battery, headphones, Nano and Midi. I chuck that in my backpack and go sit in a park or coffee shop without ever needing power. I heard that 4ms is coming out with a deeper POD so I’ll probably switch out the TipTop for the out of house excursions.

My woodworking is sup par but making an elevated case at an angle was a must. This didn’t turn out half bad and is super comfortable and tall so I can easily sit on the couch or lounge chair and work without straining my neck. I hope it inspires everyone else to go portable!


Warning to user’s trying to fit modules into a shallow case:

I was putting the ER301 into a 4MS pod (not very deep) and the ribbon cable forced one of the large capacitors off pulling the pad with it on one side.

(Excerpt from an email by an unfortunate user.)


Your woodwork’s fine mate! (Although your saw blade looks a bit blunt in your ply cuts in the front there :wink:)

I’m interested to see your V-mount setup at the back if you’d care to share?


Thanks for the warning, 'cause I had been considering a pod. But now I sure ain’t so sure anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good news - there are new deeper pods on the way from 4ms. The powered Pod40X and Pod48X have a depth of 2.00" (51mm) and are advertised to be available March 22, 2019. There are unpowered versions of each too but why? :slight_smile:


Oh my!! :cry:

Traces lifting like that is the worst feeling in the DIY world!


Here’s the back with the Digitakt mounted. Battery and cords are held in with velcro and the little metal piece at the bottom keeps the Nano from sliding all the way out the back.