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ER-301 Micro systems


What’s the power situation there? A power module + flying bus board?


I’m planning to get a Shuttle Control that should take care of the power. I’m not sure about the exact amount it is able to deliver but will probably be fine.


this has been my main squeeze lately.


you won’t regret the shuttle control. i have a lot of problems with noise when using it but i can’t tell if it’s my 3 make noise power sources, million usb devices, or that i have 2 outlets fueling 3000 things. shuttle control is neverending possibilities.


Beautiful little system. I’m aiming for a similar setup (only one Mannequins though and I’m even selling my Three Sisters!)

Good to know Shuttle Control is a hit, but I did worry about the noise with a setup like this… You didn’t reassure me! Also I can’t find exact information about the amount of power it is supposed to deliver.

I see you have a custom output module, or did you buy it somewhere? I just asked for a quote for a custom DIY job from my man here in Brussels, for the exact same thing, but I would like to have the outputs from the side. Also a headphone out would be nifty.

I just hammered a ‘boutique’ box together with scrap pieces of wood. (‘boutique’ sounds so much better than ‘trash’). As you can see, space on the right for Shuttle Control + output module.


shuttle control is not a lot of noise. sometimes i seem to get it to go away. it’s worse with midi when it’s midi to usb than it is just usb? i dunno.

the output module is this beauty of a module by @mengqimusic called “Please Exist 2”, framed after mannequins’ passive RIP output module, two true mono passive bidirectional transformers pass modular level to line, or line to modular. to my great discovery, it also allows my headphones to plug in and hear mono in both sides. usually mono outs don’t do this.

it can be warmly driven, or pushed heavy and stay warm (ish), and you can mix cv in with audio for minor wavefolding effects. it was also the perfect answer to my 6hp left and not wanting the er301 as my end-of-chain-module.


That sounds absolutely perfectly what I’m looking for, since I also have 6HP to spare in my humble box! Meng Qi is not easy to find though, let check it out. Thanks man!


Oh yeah, I just saw you actually linked to the product… :blush:


As someone who has suffered with noise problems for a long time, only to have it all fixed by just getting a new power brick (well and a bunch of LIBBS, and upgraded power cables), I share your frustration / worry regarding noise and power.

Just know that power problems are tameable. As these newer more focused power products come out or are highlighted it will help manufacturers also make a more concerted effort to prevent their modules from being the culprit of noise.

I feel like, eurorack systems are becoming more and more professional everyday, even if at times it does so kicking and screaming!


beauty of a module by @mengqimusic called “Please Exist”

Thank you for the love! :heart: :musical_note:

it also allows my headphones to plug in and hear mono in both sides. usually mono outs don’t do this.

That’s because it’s balanced on the 1/4 side. When you record your modular, try TRS - TRS / XLR cables to your soundcard / mic preamp / mixer for balanced audio connection.


If you’re getting noise from your system with a Shuttle Control, chances are you are asking too much of it!

I have had the odd instance where there has been an incompatibility too, although I can’t remember what, I just remember thinking oh, that module needs to go in another case.

From the manual:

The PSU is designed to supply one full row of all Endrphin.es modules with a reserve of current – i.e., up to 1000 mA from +12V rail, 600-700mA from -12V rail and up to 1000 mA from +5V rail (Shuttle Control delivers +5V to the busboard when the ‘+5V to bus’ jumper installed. Do not install the ‘+5V to bus’ jumper when you power the Shuttle from external busboard that has a +5v adapter installed.).
It is capable of supplying more modules, however keep in mind to calculate their overall power consumption. Powering too many modules will increase the temperature of Shuttle Controls backside. There are short-circuit, reversed DC jack pin-out and thermal overheating protections.

To be sure you’re providing enough juice you need a transformer that will deliver 3 Amps.

Be careful!

Looks really nice by the way, good stuff :heart:


Thanks @kel for the exact info! Somehow I missed the specs in the manual even though I was looking for exactly that :thinking:

Modulargrid tells me that I have 713 mA on the +12V rail and 309 mA on the minus + 500mA for my Pyramid on the 5V. Should be good! Now I just need to figure out my output situation.

Thanks for the ‘looking good’ comment. I feel like at last I’m going to have an instrument that I like as an object as well as like playing it. Always had trouble with the bulkiness of eurorack systems. It took me two years to get to this point and I’m selling at least 70% of my collection!


Finally received my shuttle control and 1U modules. I had to make a little depth compromise though, and made my skiff slightly deeper than I planned to accomodate the reverb and bigger jacks. I’m happy with the downsize so far but need to play with it for a while. I kept some spare modules for swapping and fine tuning.

ER301 rig pics!

I’m pretty excited about this project too. I think I may eventually be headed this direction as well. It’s going to be tough to stay disciplined to not keep growing it when something new comes out though, eh? :slight_smile:


Haha, no I’m good. These days so many stuff is coming out that it would just give me a headache if I tried to keep up. I really want to learn the instrument I got, and with the ER-301 alone that’s just going to keep me busy for a looong time :grinning:
But yeah, like I mentioned in the other thread : it does tempt me to build several mini systems that would serve specific purposes, and swap them out once in a while according to the need or inspiration of the moment. Next up is my TSNM. I would like to have it available as sort of a standalone keyboard/sequencer, in a separate skiff.


These things are brilliant, I would recommend a clock to go with it! And perhaps another TSNM :wink:

Or perhaps this instead so you can double up the action from your TSNM:


Just thought of a super nice playable instrument, up to 3 cv / gate pairs, two recorded in BM and one playing live from the TSNM, and up to 6 percussion sounds from the TW, everything clocked and synced. You could produce full tracks on this:



Cool idea! Funny you should pick shakmat since he’s living in my town and I had several of his modules. Time wizard I had and sold, and 4 bricks rook same story. I’m not jelling with the ui somehow. Bishops miscellany does look like it’s a keeper though. anf yeah tsnm is cool. Although my touch sensor is not too reliable, should take a look at that.


Just replace the MPR121 - they are notoriously shit!

Oh, there’s a jumper on the back too which grounds the touch plate, try that if you haven’t already :slight_smile:


I built mine from the first prototype pcb run. I don’t think the jumper is present on mine :thinking: Did you build or buy yours?

Replacing the breakout board will probably do the trick however.


I built one for a customer, but am in the process of getting the bits together to build a couple more, one for me :smiley:

See J3: