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ER-301 Micro systems




Heh, obviously an afterthought :smiley:

I would imagine you could ask them how to hack yours to provide this option, I am pretty certain it won’t be very difficult!


i’ve been trying this really hard too. it’s not easy but i’m proud of myself so far!


Hi all, this is my first post here but I recognise a number of you from Lines. I’m here because of a downsize that the ER 301 has enabled (hopefully - i pick it up this afternoon). Essentially for the same reasons as the OP @Bparticle - patch fatigue (love it!), time constraints and the euro bug leading to an expanding system. I love the knob per function ethos but this really led to the accumulation of modules as I continually wanted to add this or that approach/functionality. I was steered by a desire for a improv instrument that in the end wasn’t allowing me diversity to make the music I wanted. Enter W/ and the ER-301 and the realsiation that I want to prepare music more than I want to just jam. This is the system as it stands. I will add another W/ a Nearness and swap the uBurst out with Mangrove or Plaits as required. All of this is subject to what I discover with the ER 301 though.



Welcome @yoyosandshoes.


Seems like we’re on a similar journey, @yoyosandshoes! Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: and thanks for welcoming “patch fatigue” in the eurorack jargon :rofl:

If it hadn’t been for the ER-301 I would have probably quite eurorack altogether by now. But I’m enjoying it a LOT lately.

Your rack is looking great.


I totally understand where you are coming from! It is funny how one of the main things people love about modular is one of the things keeping it from getting better in some ways. (Obviously in a vacuum of space, time, and money this wouldn’t matter.) The beauty of it all is that there is room for everything!

Do you not want any analog sound sources? Not really necessary as the 301 could sample them assuming you have some analog sound sources around. I am not trying to suggest that it is a must either. I personally just like the challenge of trying to have as small of a setup as possible while still covering as many bases as possible.

You could probably ditch the uClouds and use the 301 for that, although this depends on how dependent you are on on granular for your sound.


I’ve really got the clouds in there for the various effects. I run parasites and use the verb, granular and delay but yeah, it’s something that I’ll lose if it’s not needed (and I suspect it won’t be). Until recently I have had analogue sound sources only but after using plaits for a while realise that I can get so much more in a small space if I compromise a little. I have a mangrove, a swoop and sprott for analogue sounds still although the latter two are probably for a different use. Also three sisters is a great sound source. But I’m also keen to sample with the er 301 and use found sounds etc
I think that if clouds was out then the plaits and mangrove would take turns. The objective has been to stifle my options though. So let’s see how that goes…


This was a “power lunch” system I put together for a recent trip. Just wanted to be able to work on ER-301 and laptop stuff in my hotel room. Worked out great (except, as you can see, the Synthrotek 1U row’s the wrong format :confused: )


Ahh the great 1U format war - if there’s a way to screw up a standard - Eurorack will find a way :smiley:

There has to be a market for conversion panels?


Ugh, this 1U format thing is just ridiculous. Who screwed it up, and why oh why? I’m too much into Intellijel to go for the Pulplogic format, but it’s still very silly not to have access to it. Well @bgribble seems to pull it off :wink:


My little system arround the ER-301


Exactly. Seems like going the pulplogic way means you can fit both. Still just doesn’t make very sense. They should have just used one standard.


Yeah, if you get the pulplogic rails, then you can use either format!

Personally i am not really that interested in it, well, kinda, but none of may cases have it and I don’t think it’s worth finding a new case just to be able to do this. Maybe if I go for a micro system like these one day :slight_smile:


I have been planning a micro system for a while. I’d really like to get an older pittsburgh cell 90 to host it. I have the 301, teletype, pro-output, disting and TXi, need to procure the morpheus and the new FH-2.


Seems super solid. My first foray into modular was a System 90. I totally get wanting one of those cases.


For anyone who has a ~1U row, Synthwerks just published some 4hp module converters so you can put your favourite 4hp module in a 1U row:



Okay, I was inspired, so I put a Clicks and Clocks 84hp Frame in a solid oak box, I give you, the Modular Laptop, it’s chunky, it feels fantastic to sit with, really solid, the bottom is as thick as the sides :smiley:

Now, what do I put in it? Apart from one of the ER-301s of course!


Are you going to try to build power into it, or use a row power or something with it?


Oh just a Row Power, they work so well I haven’t found any reason to use anything else - super quiet and reliable and relatively inexpensive for what they are :slight_smile: