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ER-301 Micro systems


Yep! Love them! Just need a reliable power brick and everything else is gravy.


Which power bricks do you use?

A couple of mine have those red voltage selector switches on the side and they are rubbish! They really are not fun, they keep sort of moving so they are neither one voltage or another and consequently my boxes don’t start up - heart in mouth every time - grrr! They are always fine once I wiggle the red switch a bit, but could do with swapping them out for something a bit more reliable really!


Well I originally bought the brick from 4ms. It was garbage. It had me going down on a witch hunt for a long time. I exhausted every other avenue, and after all of that, it was suggested that I try a new power brick.

Went with a Meanwell 40 watt one (well 2 of them). Plugged it in, fired up the rack, and presto!! whisper quite, no hum, no noise, nothing, just the glorious product of the instrument.

I was so happy I think I walked on air for a day or two afterwards.


Cool - yeah I heard the Meanwell were good - thank you :slight_smile:


This is relevant to my interests! I would think 301 and TT are a must, but beyond that it’s tricky :slight_smile:


It’s actually really annoying trying to choose just a few modules :joy:

I make one decision and then realise oh but then I can’t do ‘this’, so swap it, but then realise I can’t do ‘that’ - all in modular grid of course, not doing this live.

I simply need more space!


Yeah, been going back and forth- my total system is 12U with space to spare. I can split it so that 6U is a case of its own. However, I’ve been daydreaming of a small sofa case, 84HP perhaps. Not sure I can make that shortlist :smiley:


I’m afraid after much deliberation I am bailing on the ER-301 based micro system; I have pretty much decided that the ER-301/Monome i2c system is just too good to separate, it needs to be all in one case and 84hp is simply not enough for me :slight_smile:

It was a really useful exercise though, made me think a lot about things and what is really important to me, so thank you for the inspiration.

For the record, I am going to give the oak to the Endorphin.es system, I think it will work really nicely in there, not least because the Shuttle Control acts as a power supply so it maximises on the 84hp, and well, it fits perfectly - it all makes sense to me anyway.


I can understand that. Like you, I tend tend to philosophize about the range of possibilities my instrument has, and yeah one does want to be able to do everything in any given moment. But I realized my most enjoyable jams with satisfying results are usually pretty simple patches, and I don’t want to do EVERYTHING all the time. Frankly all the possibilities drive me nuts! But really that’s just me. That being said, I am still adding functionaries to my setup, but I am not abandoning the micro system paradign. Quite on the contrary :grin:


Now if you had said it was a microsystems setup, I could definitely go along with that - more room!

I am actually enjoying the Endorphin.es as a single voice - it’s very good! but yeah, staying in a 6U for the O|D Monome etc… I don’t mind the two rows (microsystems) being joined together :wink:

The TSNM are amazing aren’t they, so playable and loads of fun - I have a couple of PCB/Panel sets and a bag of parts waiting here, ready to build :slight_smile:


This is why I have a 4U 104hp setup much like yours now, after a downsize. I am yet to put the ER 301 into this is the set up below (I got it last week but had a performance on Saturday night). Plaits and Mangrove would make way for the ER 301.


For obvious reasons, I really dig that setup of yours :yum: I never tried any monome but I’m sure I would love it. Seems a little programmy though. I use my Pyramid for sequencing so we do follow a similar workflow I believe.

Are you sure about that choice? I’m really keen on keeping a voice in my case that is different from what the ER-30 offers. Mangrove and plaits are good choices for that!


Whatever works for you! I couldn’t have done it without the 1U row by the way, and it’s just a few HP more than your oak case (which looks amazing by the way)

I absolutely love the concept but I have yet to discover how to actually use my TSNM . My mpr breakout thingy is buggy an this spoils the fun. Need to find a good replacement asap!


Actually, I rushed that post a little. The uburst will likely be replaced within ER 301 and the plaits and mangrove would be swapped in and out


Thanks - even though it looks like it might be expensive, it really wasn’t, quite the opposite, a second hand set of rails (never used!) from MW BST - think I paid £25 or something, and then my neighbour built the box around them using offcuts from a bigger job he was working on, so the wood was essentially free and it didn’t take him very long so I paid a similar amount for his time! It’s well worth getting to know your local wood working folk :wink:

Bummer re. the 121, fortunately it’s an easy swap - I have found the black ones available from eBay to be fine. Good luck sorting it out :slight_smile:


Had a bit of a brainwave and came up with this, I think I could travel very happily with this and a Grid:

ER-301 - enough said!

Ansible - Kria or MeadowPhysics both really good fun and immediate for sequencing and clock duties if using the TSNM as an arp or sequencer!

2 * Pico DSP - couple of nice reverbs! …but other nice effects too - always handy.

Ears - External input to bring things up to Euro levels, plus a nice envelope follower and gate out for audio too.

Tallin - super nice overdrive with Tube and Transistor effects - sounds ace! Can either spice up external signals or used to process the audio coming form the ER-301.

TSNM - well because the Grid is amazing, but the TSNM is too and being able to sequence a whole bunch of stuff then play over the top is not to be underestimated, very expressive playing with the faux pressure sensitivity.



I use it similarly, both incoming and outgoing audio, yet another great sounding module form Xaoc Designs.


Excuse my ignorance, but does the Ansible interface with the 301 via ic2?

Personally I would loose the TSNM to add some more analog sources in there, and leave playing it as an external function.

I’m weird though, because to me while a tangible object is a compelling reason to do something, at a certain size, the cost, versus the functionality seems to be a wash. So if the micro rack is mainly digital in nature, to me I always have to ask the question: Could I not do all of this and more on my laptop? And is the tangible interface really making that big of a difference here. However, when you have analog modules in there, then this mindset changes. You can argue that there are things you could not do in your comp. At least this is my own flawed thinking.

That is just me. I’m all about people doing that very thing, because at the end of the day having to justify things from a cost basis gets tiresome, and ultimately if you find the sound you are looking for, that really is all that matters.


Nope - it’s a slave device like the ER-301.

What does weird mean? We are all weird when you think about it! Which to me means weird isn’t weird at all!

I could do it all on a laptop of course, you can do almost everything on a laptop and more besides; but I use a laptop for work and I do not want to use it all day every day for work and then music, the modular is to get me away from the laptop.

To me the playable interface is worth a hundred times being able to do more on a laptop. Lets make that worth 457,843 times more worth it - just to be clear that UI is everything - from one perspective the tangible interface is pretty much the only reason! The sound can be made any one of a hundred ways, but it’s the using the wires, the wood, the metal and knobs, the touch plates, the physicality and visual aspects, the screens, the leds, the legends that are so intensely pleasurable for me. I mean it’s like having a kind of sex for me, my brain feels like it is orgasming at times. I simply never ever get that from using a computer - never - it’s cold sterile and boring as all hell in comparison to me.

It really is worth appreciating that everyone is different and it doesn’t matter how good you think something is, how objectively good it is, how technically it can be a million times better in theory, someone will always prefer something else - hallelujah - thank goodness we are all different - each to their own!



I’m all about the object and how it feels. Cost is a practical thing that, while playing its role temporarily, it usually gets bypassed by finding the right module-trade, or just getting used to spending more money :rofl: But seriously, if I am going to spend time with an object I want it to be as comfortable to be with as possible. I’m having enough trouble with electronic devices as it is to find myself sitting at a computer screen pretty much 24/7. Especially since it’s the restrictions that really inspire me.

Maybe I should just get myself a Skakuhatchi after all…

It does make sense what you say about analog voices though, but the man loves his TSNM :slight_smile: