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ER-301 Micro systems


Also, I just record the analogue parts before I go on my travels - they still sound analogue even though they are recorded :slight_smile:

The digital thing is funny, who ever listens to recorded music that was made 100% analogue any more?


Oh I would never advocate a 100% analog setup, that’s ridiculous. But I have wondered a few times when people here advise me to sample analog sound sources. Modulating a sound source like the Mangrove or that kind of modules with funny, unstable parameters. You can never really simulate those results with a sample can you? What is the best way to go about this?


Well, there are extreme case of some people do things 100% analogue, as ridiculous as it may seem but I did mean more on the consumer side, most folk consume digitally these days :slight_smile:

Absolutely, but you can record hours of material on an SD card, so why not just record the full session? Then there’s no need to recreate those weird wiggles, they are just there in the recorded file.


In any case, I think you should fill that case up, play with it and post back with your findings, or better yet with a video/recording. I will do the same when I get some time time to take my micro-system for a few test-runs.

Right now I’m still testing some PSU’s I got from a DIY guy at the eurorack noobs FB group for my control skiff with the TSNM and Manual gates. He’s making these super slim 5 module PSU’s that run off any standard DC converter. Pretty neat.


Indeed :smiley:

Those sound interesting… I would like to know what you think. Are they generally available anywhere? I don’t use Facebook :wink:


No not available, they are prototypes. He’s making them super slim and I really like the concept, but the surface-mount type heat sinks are not very efficient somehow. Almost immediately after switching on the unit becomes pretty darn hot. I think the design will need some tweaking before this is going to be an actual product.


Happy to have stumbled upon this thread! I’ve been thinking about downsizing to a micro setup with my ER-301 (which I’m still waiting for but will have this week :blush:) and some other goodies. This is sort of what I’m into right now although of course it’s subject to change. I want to try and fit a spring reverb in there somehow…

Going to use it in conjunction with a CV OCD, Keystep, Organelle, MPC 1000 and SP-404sx. Hoping to do flowery, chaotic, and musical ambient compositions with lots of granular goodness going on. Really stoked on using the Quadratt as additional controls for the 301. Interested in sending the voltage around a big patch, scaling and inverting to taste, and have massive “scene” sweeps like the octatrack slider. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Woo first post! Excited to engage more with this forum once I finally get my hands on the 301!!! :star_struck:


I like it! I love micro systems in general. My suggestion would be to get a bit more analog in there. Your 301 can cover a ton of territory and makes that Braids really redundant. (I would also say the Rings would become redundant at some point as well.) I’d suggest replacing them with either a oscillator you favor (analog in nature) or a nice filter. The Rossum Evolution comes to mind, and is one I WOULD highly recommend for a system such as this.

Those are just suggestions. You could totally leave your system as is, and it would be a ton of fun as well. :+1:


Looking good! I agree with @2disbetter about the analog stuff. As you have probably seen I have a very similar setup and size system and it works really well. But it’s a luxury to have a decent analog filter with some special tricks and lots of analog character in there, as well as an analog oscillator of sorts. I opted for the Mannequins combo 3 Sisters + Mangrove and I do recommend it, but it’s a personal choice. Also, keep lots of spares as I tend to switch modules a lot, to try different setups. I hope to eventually settle for a fixed system. In any case, that system will be a lot of fun.


I can understand that! I’ve also been looking at the Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator that looks amazing and is fully analog. And yeah a good filter too. Never looked into the Rossum Evolution, will do some research! This is still a ways off so I have lots of time to mull over options. The reason I had Braids in there is for Meta mode which I absolutely love. Rings is pretty invaluable to me though. Is it possible to make a Rings patch in the 301 that acts and operates the same? I love throwing samples through it and mixing it in with the dry signal for neat resonant sounds. Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:


Rings/Elements resonator in ER-301 - I’d say not really as they are based on a modal filter bank – an ensemble of 64 tuned band-pass filters!

We used 20 band pass filters (made up of a low pass and a high pass filter) in Scorpio, and the CPU was pretty much at the limit.

Perhaps at a later date :slight_smile:


I’m currently rocking this setup:

I’ve only had this together for a single weekend so far but I can already tell the Nerd + 301 combo is finally going to open up the possibility of playing a full live set in Euro (45-60 min) with many melodic changes and sonic differentiation throughout. Both large digital modules are also under strong active development which I find incredibly enjoyable - like getting a new module every month or two!


This! :star_struck:

Long may it continue!


The arcade buttons on the NERD look so great to work with! Little piece of genius right there.


Meant to share this a while back. It’s not a modular grid link, but this is the setup I’m working with at the moment:

It was originally mean to be a travel setup, but I’m bringing it in to supplement my 6U case more & more. Loving it all so far!


They’re so clicky and solid and wonderful - some of the best buttons in Euro IMO :slight_smile:


The processor used in Rings and I would guess Elements is a Cortex M class chip. The ER-301 out performs it by 400%.

This is why a middle layer is bad in terms of eking out that performance. 64 emulated tuned band-pass filters (as all digital modules are emulations, to include the whole mutable instruments line, with the single exception of ears) should be no problem for the 301. It should be able to do 4 times that minus the overhead needed for the display, etc in theory.

So I am still sticking with not needing Rings eventually. :wink:


Good point!! I didn’t get that far, but you’re right!!


I’m still optimizing my small system and I need to hear some opinions on this trade dilemma: which functionality seems more useful outside of the ER-301 to you: a filter or a vca/mixer? I have a 6HP gap to fill and I’m thinking of filling it with either ALM tangle quarter or a humpback filter.


I would go for the filter since it adds a specific flavor that you can’t exactly replicate digitally but I already have 3 sisters in there. And then the vca/mixer is nothing special but it might free some utility CPU in my main module. What do you think?


I don’t think mixer or VCAs consume much CPU in the 301. Physical inputs that are audio optimized (INx) are probably the bigger limitation. Though often ABCDx work just fine for audio if it doesn’t have a lot of energy over 20kHz and there’s plenty of those.