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ER-301 Micro systems


I’d say filter. Vca is just too little in return for the space given especially since the 301 can do vca duties quite well.


My ER-301 arrived and this is the mini system I was planning to get to know it with. It is designed as a ‘sampling sattelite’ that I can either use together with my main system or on it’s own, using sounds I sampled with said system.

I‘m not sure if I will really need the Twiggy, but it is so small, it‘s hard to find something more useful in 2hp. Same goes for Ears, it’s mainly in there because I could squeeze it in even though the bottom row is actually 1hp smaller.

Besides that I really like the combination.


I like Meng Qi DPLPG for a 2hp filler choice. Affordable, no power required, and very useful.


DPLPG is definitely a cool module. I have one as well. It was between this and Twiggy.

Edit: But the filters in this case are pretty small anyways. Pico VCF is 3hp, and the Dual Polivoks is 4hp.


I brought it up because, while I don’t have a twiggy and don’t know for sure, seems like the 301 can cover it’s functionality rather easily/exactly. Of course it can also emulate a LPG too but not sure it’s spot on with what the analog ones do.

Congrats on getting your 301. Many happy days ahead! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. I‘m very excited about it. Now the current heatwave just needs to cool down a bit so existing in the studio will be possible again :slight_smile:

Also, I read ‘filter’ not ‘filler’, hence my nonsense reply. Haha.


(OT: glad to see i am not alone suffering from stalled music production due to the unreasonable heat.)

On topic, the system i use:

I don’t think it qualifies as “micro” but i can’t think of any addition that would really expand my current use.
I even catch myself wanting to try something leaner, with a focus on playability/expressiveness: ER-301, teletype(+grid), koma field kit (and the pertaining sound making stuff + a shnth). Well, this post just clarified the whole thing in my head.


Downsized from 7u 84 hp to 3u 104 hp. I’m able to navigate the 301 fairly easily now that I’ve gotten used to it, and I love it. Put a little stand/ case together in an effort to decrease sprawl.


I also have an O_c and Temps Utile lying around and was going to put it into a controller skiff together with my TSNM. I imagine these two are a perfect combo with the ER-301? I haven’t played with either of them at all so far.


Well those modules are partly the reason for me not needing more; until now i’ve used the o_C in only Lorentz and Quadraturia modes, and i have not yet dwelved too much into it beyond “dial in the speed/curve that works and leave it be”.
Same with Temps Utile, i have to explore beyond 1/one clock to multiple disjointed-yet-related rythms and 2/single gate-in turns into a finely-controlled cloud of impulses. (combine these 4 to 6 channels of impulses with the same number of Manual Grains units (works best with very distinct sounds imho) and you can get nice textures)
I sometimes miss a way to multiple presets with those modules (notebook save and restore process is a bit slow :smile_cat:) but in a sense it enforces the “zen” of modular (transience of patches etc.)
It was also a joy to diy (esp when a pin of the 15€ DAC gets bent by little too much pressure given to the soldering tip and all ends well after minutes of surgical manipulations).


Haha, I didn’t finish my O_c build during a workshop and then messed it up a while later. I had it services and calibrated now and still need to pick it up so it’s unexplored territory for me.


Buying a Doepfer joystick today in an effort to make the 301 more expressive and had this idea for a micro system. Going to try and convince my friend to sell me their 48hp Intellijel case to make it a reality. I think this would be really fun using both the offsets from the quadratt and the joystick as controllers for a bunch of parameters in the 301. And it being so small I could bring it around with me and jam in parks or at a friends place. Would also free up some room in my main system so I’m liking where this is going… Just though I’d share! :grin:


That seems like a really fun one :slight_smile: But be careful, intellijel cases are 42hp (as far as i know),
you’d be 6hp short :frowning:
Maybe you could check out the Moog 60hp (you’d need to power it though…) or the PulpLogic LBZ54, very nice to travel with but a bit pricey.


DOH! Should have checked the specs more carefully! Certainly throws a wrench in my plans! Oh well! Back to the drawing board!


Perhaps not as “micro” as the OP originally envisioned, but I feel pretty good that this 3U126HP would be an exciting performance rig. The blank 2HP on the left is for the (yet unreleased) Crow module for Monome Norns integration. The blank 3HP next to the Zadar is a placeholder for the (yet unreleased) expander.

Thoughts always appreciated.


Little portable setup.


are you sure you need a mixer like that in such a small rig? knowing that the 301 alone can act like a great mixer…don’t know but it feels a bit like a waste of precious hp!
maybe i say this just because i’m in love with regulare live mixers out of the rack… i mean, if i want sliders i want full size ones (i can’t even stand the 60mm on mackies :smiley: long time soundcraft aficionado). and also i strongly need a fair amount of aux sends (3 post-fader sends minimum)
in the eurorack format i prefer small utility mixers or interesting solutions like vca matrix.
on the “small utility mixers” side be sure to check out Frap Tools 321 and 333, both are AWESOME sounding (i mean pro-audio level) mixers that are both cheap and small!
just my two cents here :slight_smile: at the end of the day is whatever fits your workflow! anyway great rig! i envy your FH-2 a lot! i bought an FH-1 just a month before it came out :frowning:


The cold Mac is great for sweeping voltages across the system. I’d also look at a just friends, great voice and modulation source!


Curious about something. Did any of you ditch your full rack for a micro system? Thinking about downgrading from 168hp to 42hp and have been wondering about what I might miss. The main thing I think would be Braids’ wavetables but surely wavetables are to come in a future update right?? Then the second thing I would want would be a nice spring reverb… Hmmm…

Anyone else made a move like this? Here’s what I have planned…


I have sold most of my modules and I consider my current rig close to the bare minimum I would want to use (I still have some outboard functionality, and some modules that I swap from time to time). That 42HP system is super cute and would definitely do for exploring the ER-301 as a standalone unit, but it wouldn’t be practical control wise, and I wouldn’t consider it very capable as a playable instrument. I sold my disting mk4 because I couldn’t be bothered to learn all the algorithms by heart and you ALWAYS wished you had three of them. I have seen quite a few ER-301 mini-rigs that resemble mine by now so I think there is some sort of vague minimum requirements consensus appearing (even though everyone will keep on having different choices and needs)