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ER-301 Micro systems


nice system! and how are you using the manual gates?


They switch things on and off in a toggle fashion, sometimes they act as finger drumming pads (a little small though), but mostly they activate, stop and reset loopers.

It’s a fun system I must say! Of course stuff will be inevitably swapped. I just ditched Mangrove and Three sisters for the TSNM and I’ve been hovering over Maths for a while now to replace it with… something… Something magical that does the same or possibly more but in less HP and nicer looking :laughing:


thanks. any use of the inputs yet?
and please let us know when you’ve found a replacement for your maths.
i only got the function and i am trying to replace it for years but i didn’t found anything
that would also incorporate a descent slew limiter and some segment triggers (eor, eoc)…


I’m waiting for my arches to control my ER-301 microsysystem. Looks like the perfect companion…


Yeah, that thing looks promising! I especially love it’s midi capabilities.
And I hope you‘ll share your experiences here.
Though It won‘t replace any maths/function module (yet) because of the lack of Inputs. That is why I am hoping for the instruo neonach to be available soon…


i left town for the weekend and thought it would be fun to bring a small system around the 301.

was going to put it in a little moog 60hp case, but then i remembered those little switches, which look a little delicate so i abandoned the idea.

is there a small skiff out there that has some kind of lid so that it could be thrown in a backpack with other loose items? doesn’t need to close patches, but this would be nice for weekend trips when packing light is a priority.


I don’t think this qualifies as a skiff, but it certainly qualifies to be thrown into a backpack: a lunchbox


Landscape.fm will have some ‘relatively’ mini 104hp and 208hp skiffs soon:


I never saw one in real life, but these 60hp cases from NoNo look quite nice and come with a lid.


Stuff of my dreams (not sure if too big though):


They are very nice, I’ve tried one. The two pads on the lid have contact mics, so you can patch them into the modular. :slight_smile:


That‘s the one I‘m using. It‘s fantastic.

Random sample select / Multi-sample player unit

Considering replacements for Maths, I finally found something. Take a look at the addac506



Woow :crazy_face:
Pretty big, but it scores way higher than Maths if you consider patch points / HP ratio. I like ADDAC, I’ll check it out, thanks.


I was a beta tester for this one. I can only say great things about it… I love Maths but the 506 replaced it on my 6u performance case. The fact that we can have control for amplitude, offset and level of randomness for rise and fall per channel is extremely useful for modulation and EG purposes. Also the self patching capability and the amount of generated triggers (EOR and EOF per channel) also allows for loads of interesting stuff. Essential module!


it’s 20 HP just like Maths, if you don’t use the 2HP expansion! :slight_smile:


question: how does it compare to Maths re:snappiness?
i use maths for a lot of things but for percussive envelopes it is the best i ever tried. this addac is in the same territory?
another one that’s very interesting is the new Frap Tools dual function generator, Falistri.
no internal random but an additional four quadrant multiplier, an additional slew limiter, plus it tracks 1v/oct without hassle and , most of all, curves for rise and fall are independent AND not related to time: when you change from log to lin to expo the total time of your function doesn’t change!!! due out very soon.


curves are lin or log, not exp, so it might be less snappy. but you can definitely do percussive envelopes

I’ll check it! cool.

oh, in the 506 you can turn each channel into slew limiter!


ah ok. for my needs expo curves are essential. i synthesize almost all my drums realtime (or sample them with the 301 from my modules), for kick drums in particular the expo curve on pitch envelope is quintessential for me :slight_smile:
but for long evolving sounds or modulations the addac looks fantastic!
on the falistri too, but you have a dedicated channel for that which has less features than the other two.


Beatiful thing! A bit cryptic though.

I’m seriously thinking about that ADDAC… Good deal too for the pre-order batch.