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ER-301 Micro systems


I don’t have a micro system. That’s never going to happen, especially not in a fetish sort of way :wink: But, of course, I can designate any set of modules as a “micro system”. Whatever :smile:

The only reason I’m saying anything here is that I just paid for an ADDAC506 (and a 21U monster frame). Also, I have 3 Maths, and they’re not going anywhere, for the simple reason that Maths is brilliant and not replaceable with the 506. After reading the 506 literature, I concluded that they are functionally different.


My Maths is also a keeper, of course. I wasn’t suggesting that the 506 would replace all Maths duties. In my case, for a performance setup, i chose the 506. That’s the beauty of eurorack! :slight_smile:


Eurorack is all about the beauty :heart_eyes:

If a module has any degree or type of uniqueness, it deserves a place in our hearts.


Flight case. Good to be back with the 301.


thanks to this thread i am modularizing my modularized modular :slight_smile:


I really liked these but couldn’t help wish that @zack.dougherty would have gotten a chance to do some finishing wood work on them.


Looks like a good flight. How is this powered though?


Powering it from a 4S lipo battery.


Would you mind sharing a photo of the power setup and how it connects to your rack? Also, what mAh battery did you get?


It is a lipo to a voltage readout to the barrel plug to the row power. They are just componets from my racing drone equipment. Typically they are 1300-1500 mah batts. They last about 1.25 hours for me.


Someone at Cycling '74 posted a lovely ER-301 micro system on the Max 8 announcement page: https://cycling74.com/products/max-features


Wow, pretty front and center! :slight_smile:


That is pretty cool! I seriously really like the look of the 301. These micro-systems are just so fun.


Got my small case, starting to try out what would work for me. This is fun already.


My bet is @tom_hall’s micro rig on the c74 page!


I’ve completed the 60hp system.
A nice thing i discovered with the Quadratt 1u, switching the mode from uni 0v to ± -5v and back is a good way to start rec/stop when looping… the switches are pretty loud tho…i can hear them when recording with my omni mic, not so with the shure sm57. Maybe they become a bit loose over time…


I live [edit: love] this set up. I have a 4u 104hp with a selection of monome and Mannequins modules with the 301 and am planning to complete it with the cocoquantus. I’m wondering how you integrate it conceptually. Any sounds to hear?


It’s a fun combo, the cocoquantus gives quick gratification if you like the noisy/lofi aesthetic. I use the 301 for processing and recording the coco, often going trough the three sisters into the 301 (no amp needed) then adding field recordings, effects, more filtering, creative panning (since the coco is hard panned), mixing. I made some minijack to banana cables so i can route the coco quantussi cv into the 301 controlling things, in combination with just friends this is all the cv i need.
No full tracks online yet, but i have lots of quick recordings on the 301 which i will soon combine to a sort of sound collage release…


This is great! Super excited to think of the quantussi modulation integrated into the rest of the set up. I had actually thought it would have been toward the end of the signal chain but this is even more interesting. Do you feed the coco with audio or use the quantussi oscillators? Or both? Looking forward to hearing something


To those using ES-8 in their 301 micro setups: are you using it more often than not to interface with Max, and if so, how are you choosing the remaining hp of your skiff around that? Interested to see where everyone is at.