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ER-301 Micro systems


I don’t have a micro system. That’s never going to happen, especially not in a fetish sort of way :wink: But, of course, I can designate any set of modules as a “micro system”. Whatever :smile:

The only reason I’m saying anything here is that I just paid for an ADDAC506 (and a 21U monster frame). Also, I have 3 Maths, and they’re not going anywhere, for the simple reason that Maths is brilliant and not replaceable with the 506. After reading the 506 literature, I concluded that they are functionally different.


My Maths is also a keeper, of course. I wasn’t suggesting that the 506 would replace all Maths duties. In my case, for a performance setup, i chose the 506. That’s the beauty of eurorack! :slight_smile:


Eurorack is all about the beauty :heart_eyes:

If a module has any degree or type of uniqueness, it deserves a place in our hearts.


Flight case. Good to be back with the 301.


thanks to this thread i am modularizing my modularized modular :slight_smile: