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ER-301 Micro systems


Here’s my plan for a 126HP 301-centered semi-micro setup that will rely heavily on the ES-8:


I wonder if this

Would be a terrible idea :thinking:

concerns: it’s possibly the three least hands-on things in eurorack – UNTIL you prepare and construct stuff to play with.

potential gains: huge.

If I go this way, I’ll probably need another, fully analog, very vanilla and knobs per function for days type of system just to balance things out :smiley:


I’ve thought about this but without the FH2. Teletype + Grid ops to control the 301 seems like enough to do a ton.


The fh2 brings 8 euclidian patterns or offsets or lfos or whatever to the picture, not to mention gate/cv duties. It’s very versatile - after you configure it


Oh yes so the fh2 is a perfect module for triggering the scene of the teletype ! :heart_eyes:


Yes, it’d seem so :slight_smile: i think there would be possibilities for pretty crazy rhythmic variations…


with an expander the fh2 can be all you need, especially with a simple usb midi controller such as nanokontrol mk2 or similar.
i use an fh-1 with usb hub with midi keyboard, nanokontrol and a usb footswitch for pedal action, now my 301 is a performance ready instrument :wink:


This strange video popped up in my feed today. Think the FH-2 might be getting some Teletype style treatment?


:open_mouth: i knew Os was working on something new for fh-2 because he also added the already mentioned support for usb hid footswitch but this i didn’t expect :open_mouth: pretty brainmelting!!! given the amount of expandibility (is that even a word?) you can have with the faderhost system i imagine an awful lot of possible really complex uses for people with coding skills!


A friend was generous enough to let me borrow his 42hp case so trying out the micro system way of things! :smiley:

Definitely was maxing out the CPU hard on this one but Pamela sure helped carrying the load!


Nice! ^^^


Fh1 or levit8?


I really like the levit8 w/the 301, lots of manual offsets and of course attenuation. Seems like a great fit :slight_smile:


Can you use fh1 outs 1-8 for let’s say nano kontrol faders and at the same time the keyboard? I mean no simultaneously but if keyboard polyphony requires 4 outs would you be able to swap between the shared outs?


yes you can, they steal the outputs from each other as soon as you use them. i have this setup:
usb midi keyboard + usb HID footswitch + korg nanokontrol 2 —> usb hub —> fh-1

it works perfectly and gives me a great amount of control on the 301


How does it work at the 301 end? If outs are shared that would mean that 301 ins are shared. So if 1-2 outs are for vca (faders) and v/o and envelope (key) they go to in 1-2 in 301 right? But then there is a conflict…


of course you have to choose which is which. if i use keyboard on midi ch 1 it will out pitch out1 and gate out2, i will not use faders 1&2 because they are routed to the same outs.
but the beauty of this design is that in every patch you just choose your setup


So what is actually happening is that you don’t have to swap around the cables at fh1 side?


you don’t have to reconfigure anything, you know that if you set your controllers right you don’t even need the scripts. you plug everything into the usb hub, plug the hub to the fh-1 and everytime you need a mono cv\gate keyboard you choose the channel on the keyb to decide from which out it comes, everytime you need a fader or a momentary or toggling button you know where it is and which one to use and you can use them in combination. if in one patch you need 4 voices poly (round robin style) you just set up keyb to ch.16 and play (and for that moment you forget the nanokontrol cause you are out of outputs).

with expanders you can use more and more and more!!!


got it, and your excitement as well! many thanks!