ER-301 + Midi Fighter Twister controller?

I’m curious if any of you have experimented with using the Midi Fighter Twister as a controller for your 301. Thanks for the feedback.

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Yup, I’m using one that I have plugged into an endorphines shuttle control. Works great, I use it mostly to control loopers.

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I love my DJTTMFT and mostly use it to control my mixer over MIDI/USB. I also on occasion use the hidden sequencer mode. What are you thinking of as a USB host or are you implying you could connect it to the USB port on the back of the ER301?

Hi Roy - I’m still very new to 301-land and trying to figure out what sorts of MIDI controllers can be used with the module to quickly manage all of the soft dials and buttons within units during a performance.

Since there is no MIDI support on the ER-301, you will need a MIDI-to-CV converter. :bowing_man:

Forgive me, on deeper review of the documentation I discovered that is indeed the case. I appreciate your gracious reply to my ill-advised question. Gomen nasai!

Lots of folks like the Endorphins Shuttle Control and/or the Expert Sleepers FH-2 as MIDI to CV interfaces for the ER-301, if you want to go the MIDI control route.

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