ER-301 MP3 Playback

It’s pretty low priority from my point of view, but I was wondering about the possibility of mp3 playback from the ER-301.

As far as I know there’s only wav support at present, with aiff planned (according to anyway, haven’t tested).

Is mp3 playback a quick and easy add, or something mired in complex code libraries and/or licenses?

may i ask you why would you want to use a compressed lossy audio file in a production\performance tool? i guess it is for space\ram reasons while playing long samples (field recordings\entire songs).
do you know about the card player? it can stream audio directly from the sd card without having to load it up and waste precious ram.
downside is that the ways you can manipulate the playback are limited compared to the varispeed player and\or granular players.
but i think that even a properly encoded 320 kbps mp3 would loose a lot especially dynamic-wise. i so much love how clear, defined and dynamic the samples sound in the 301 that i can’t imagine using it for mp3 playback.

no big reason - I just happen to have various mp3 files around that it’d be nice to chuck in a folder or two and have fun with via the 301. quick and dirty and can fit a ton on an SD card.

in the back of my mind i’m tinkering with the idea of a dj player kind of custom unit thing, and in certain circumstances - er, drunken parties for example - mp3 files can sound fine.


Then you could batch process your MP3 to wav… you could use twisted wave or any soft that do batch processing… it won’t make them sound better but … you could dig your idea. Cheers!