Er-301 Nearly Here!

Getting a bit excited now, my 301 is in customs… (was a super quick next day delivery from Japan - very impressive). So I thought I’d do my first “proper” post on the forums, no doubt to be followed by more in the future. I keep on thinking of different ways to use the 301, I didn’t really consider using it as a mixing/processing type hub but excited to do that using 2 of the channels and also building multiple unit patches using the remaining two. All the best and hope to chat to some of you here soon.



You are in for a real treat!

Welcome! Hope you have some vacation time! Enjoy!

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Congrats!!! Welcome to the forum :+1:

“going faster than a rollercoaster”
enjoy your ride :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the friendly welcome, I just collected the ER-301 yesterday and had a quick couple of hours with it… What an amazing module - the display is fantastic and I’m already whizzing around the UI - it’s a beautifully designed bit of kit. Haven’t delved that deep into it yet of course but was having great fun processing my BIA with a filter/delay/quantizer. I have a feeling I am going to really get into this.
I also love that I can keep a semi-permanent connection from my panmix main out into the 6-track recorder so I can capture everything I’m doing in the background. +1 for the preamp settings!

I must say as well a big thanks to all of you who contribute so much to the module with the tutorials, videos, custom units etc. they are very much appreciated and a huge help in understanding what’s going on. Seems like a pretty cool community here, I hope I can make some contributions myself.

I did take some unboxing photos so I’ll post something in the rig pics thread when I get them off my phone.

Shame I have to be at work today, I know what I’d rather be doing :slight_smile: