ER-301 order followup

Earlier this month I had a friend who lives in Tokyo place an order for an ER-301 on my behalf (I’m located in the US).

So far there hasn’t been any confirmation of the order and I just wanted to check whether or not this was normal. I know there can be a significant lead time and am in no rush, but want to be sure that I’m properly in queue while the 301 is in stock.


There might be a few domestic emails requesting order information that I have not yet replied :bowing_man: FYI, no one is in the queue until payment has been accepted.

Understood, appreciate the clarification. I’ll be making payment as soon as I know how to do so :pray::moneybag:

@odevices Just wanted to follow up on this again. Sent you a pm a couple weeks ago with some of the details of the order to confirm whether or not it was ever received. Please let me know when you get a chance!