ER-301 orders close to on schedule?

Hi folks, I ordered my ER-301 some time back, and the projected shipping date is approaching!! Before I start allowing my mouth to water, I was wondering how accurate the projected shipping date has been for those who have received their ER-301s recently (last half of May 2017 onward). Just trying to make sure I don’t have unrealistic expectations :slight_smile:

Actually I’m glad there’s been some time between my order and taking delivery… time to watch all the 20+ getting started videos and start to internalize some of the concepts!



The way in which the orders are processed and managed is exemplary!

If there is any unusual cause for delay, you know - life, then communication is excellent :slight_smile:

A full 10/10 from me :smile_cat:

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mine was shipped the exact day it was scheduled for when i got my original purchase notification. shipped last friday, and i got it on monday, yesterday


oh wow good to see BSO presence here!
your video synth work is fantastic

my 301 shipping date is coming up yay

thanks for the reassurance

I wouldn’t worry about this. OD are super organised!

:tv::slight_smile: cheers

To follow myself up, my ER-301 shipped exactly on the predicted due date and shipping from JP was a day faster than predicted. Full marks OD!


I had a hiccup with last Friday’s batch, but I should be caught up again after today. I’m really grateful for everyone’s patience with the production schedule. It helps me a lot.