ER-301 orders have been reopened

Some points to note:

  • There is no manual (yet). Why? See next point. However in the meantime, there is an awesome forum right here where you can get help and ask questions. :blush:
  • The software is still under heavy development which means frequent updates and bugs. The good news is that typically any bugs found are fixed within a few days.
  • There is a substantial lead time. I can only make a few per week. Once you order, I will contact you with your estimated shipping date.

Thank you everyone for your gracious support!


I just ordered mine!


Great news, Brian! Message sent.

I’m jealous and not ready to order a second 301, but I’d like to join the posters in announcing that I just ordered the ER-101/ER-102 combo!

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“Just” ordered ER-101? It wasn’t through the O/D page was it? Are they in stock somewhere? :grin:

Sorry, I meant I “would” like to join the announcements but sadly cannot because Brian only opened 301 orders today, not 101’s :frowning:

Woohoo! Just ordered a 301 :tada:

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Oh wouldn’t be nice to combine an ER-301, with my Mutable Clouds, Music Thing Radio Music, Wogglebug, Maths, René, Disting mk3 and others…?

Oh WAIT! I ordered an ER-301 yesterday around 7AM, (CEST, Amsterdam)! My dream will finally come true! :grinning:
Now hoping it will arrive around :rabbit2: and not by :christmas_tree:

@Brian: many thanks for designing this wonderful hybrid module. I expect it to be the true centrepiece of my 12Ux104HP case! Keep up the good work and your soldering iron smoking-hot… :+1:

Cleaning up around the house getting ready for the newest addition to the family.


I’m excited to hear what you make with it. Your YouTube videos are great!

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When emails with estimate wait time on orders will be out?

Woot! Ordered a second unit!


All the confirmation emails have been sent out for orders received up until and including April 9th. If you haven’t gotten yours, please wait one day and then contact me.

All good. I got it few hours ago. Thanks

Got it, thanks Brian.

oh ok i never got a confirmation, sent you an email brian, i ordered on april 7th…

Your confirmation was sent on April 9th. Please make sure you check your PayPal email account. :wink:

Hey Brian! Is shipping date in confirmation email accurately represents shipping time or is it just estimate?

It is just an estimate.

of course OD sent it and i just was too stupid to find it. everything’s fine!
thanks brian