ER-301 oscillators to external osc Soft sync

Hello folks,

I am currently experimenting with different FM setups with the ER-301 and other units and have been trying to sync an external oscillator with the ER-301 (ER-301 as leader, Mangrove Oscillator as follower). I am structuring it this way as I want the ER-301 to be carrier and the mangrove to be modulator.

The test is to sweep the frequency on the ER-301 oscillator and see if the follower oscillator increases frequency as well. The resulting frequency tracks accordingly but has a lot of unwanted jitter, more prominent in the super low and higher frequencies.

I have also tried this with a variable sample player with a single cycle square waveform to ensure to provide a steep rising edge. I get similar results.

Is this due to aliasing? If so, I assume this is not ER-301 specific. Are there tricks to help improve this?

To double check to see if the follower oscillator could sync, I used another analog osc to run the same test and get better results.

Hard edges and jitter? Yes, that certainly does sound like aliasing in the oscillator algorithm is the issue.

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