Er-301 panel swap?

Not sure if this is the place to ask, but would anyone be up for trading their Nostalgia panel for my Original Flavor? I’m in the US. Would be willing to pay your post!

I have excellent cred on Muffwiggler and eBay and Reverb, just ask if interested ;]


Hey! I revive this topic looking for anyone in Europe interested in a panel trade.

My Nostalgia for your People’s Choice panel?

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yo yo yo, thanks for your message. Unfortunately I am in California haha. Otherwise YES

*edited bcos i thought this was a DM

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Ehehe! I wrote on this topic because I didn’t want to create another one with the same resquest … maybe someone will reply to me in 2022 :sweat_smile:

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I can trade my People’s Choice against your Nostalgia Panel ( you don’t have to wait till 2022 :sweat_smile: )

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:star_struck: So happy you popped up with the reply!

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Haha, you can contact me here :