ER-301 Patch: Blukac Endless Processor

I’ve been enjoying a lot of what I’ve been seeing and hearing with the Blukac Endless Processor module, and I’ve been debating trying to put together an ER-301 patch to mimic the device’s functionality.

I’m curious if anybody here might be trying to do something similar, or might otherwise have some feedback on how to make such a patch.

Also, I’m curious if anybody here might have an Endless Processor and might be able to provide some insight into what makes it unique that might be helpful in creating an “Endless Processor” patch.


as far as my (uneducated) guess goes, this module is doing FFT based processing. AFAIK the only FFT-based unit in the ER-301 is the convolver, which is very experimental and has limited usability due to extremely high CPU requirements. Doing FFT stuff in the 301 would require very serious DSP C++ coding skills and I am not exactly sure that the Olimex CPU board would be able to pull off the required computing power.

and, in general, as a starting point it’s better (in my honest opinion) to formulate precisely the required feature set and think about it, rather than focusing on cloning the functionality of existing modules. that’s just my 2 cents anyway.