ER-301 Quicksaves and CV patching Recall

I know this is pretty farfetched… but bare with me :slight_smile:

Just thinking aloud again with some ideas.

I know we have labels coming for the quicksaves but i think we could really benefit from being able to label all the InX, A/B/C/D/G Inputs. Especially when reloading a quick save that may be recalled a week or a month later. Without super detailed notes, the intricacies of patch could be lost. This wouldn’t have to affect all the i/o at an operational level, but could almost be a scratch pad area for notes bundled with the quick save.

So here’s my super nutty idea that I’ve stolen from Air Studios in London, as it was literally the coolest thing I’ve ever seen at a big studio…

So you’re recalling an orchestral mix with substantially complicated patching, it would be a nightmare as there’s HUNDREDS of patch points on the rear wall of the studio. Except, somehow (and i have no who built them) came up with this solution:

When you reload a mix on the automation computer, LEDS would skim across the patchbays (a led per patch point). It would stop at the source), you’d plugin a wire, it would know and then LED’s would skim to the next patch point to tell you were to patch the destination. This process would repeat for as many patches were required to setup the room. Absolutely wild!

So my thought in ER-301 land, if the jacks can sense a connection (which i think it does? or is that the 101/102?), what if:

When you loaded a quick save, there was an optional extended ‘guided’ re-patch. So it would load the patch and then guide you through any required input connections.

-"A1 is required for A1 user label. User then Patches the cable. 301 knows and continues…
-"G1 is required for G1 user label. User then Patches the cable. 301 knows and continues…

Could be cool!

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i don’t know whether this is feasable…
but seriously, this would be super neat!
who on earth is fond of remembering the sources of 20 inputs?
so i can’t find any reason why the IDEA of transfering a known solution
from a studio in london to an obvious problem in er-301-wonderland would be farfetched or nutty.
(implementation might be though…curious about Brian’s response)
good thinking Neil

I like it :smile:

For me it would be enough to create an instructions file on my computer, so I can type in the instructions using a normal keyboard in something easy like Markdown*. The notes could take a form of a numbered list. Then rather than any sensing being involved or anything like that the ER-301 could simply look for an instructions file, if it’s there ask if the user would like to display it, if yes then each instruction is displayed one by one with next/previous/done buttons.

I wouldn’t particularly need any LED indications, I know where A1 is :slight_smile:

Something like:

My Patch

  1. Patch Sequence CV to A1
  2. Patch Sequence Gate to G1
  3. etc…

*Markdown is conveniently implemented in Discourse so you can use the exact same formatting to nicely present your instructions here too!

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Or a fast blink when you scroll over a control ?
And maybe a hint on the screen when a parameter has a CV control assigned ?

naming would be great!

Perhaps something like in Monome’s Teletype? Something like a Notepad unit, perhaps? Of course, it’s easier with a keyboard on the Teletype, but notes don’t need to be too detailed.
I usually can’t even be bothered to use an iPad when using the modular, even if I like to plan patches and connections on an iPad. But I also would prefer to have some notes about the patch within the module itself, if possible. Now, if it was possible to make a .txt file readable within a patch, that would be great. Though for now, I’m happy to revisit every single input and output, to remember what is doing what.

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Quicksave name change would be welcomed here

I agree that a notepad unit would be awesome.

Would definitely be nice…

Does anyone know if it is possible to leave quicksaves without loading or saving?

press the cancel button

thank you, how obvious :laughing: