ER-301 Random Power Loss

I ejected the front side SD Card to copy some files over. After copying the files I decided to organize a few things on the card, probably took about 10 minutes. When I turned back to the ER-301 the unit was dark, I thought maybe there was a screen saver mode I didn’t know about. Nope, it was out cold apparently as no amount of button pushing or encoder turning was bringing it back.

I power cycled the system and it came right back up. I have about 2000mA free on the +12V rail 6000mA on the -12V. My system had been on for about 3 hours without issue. After powering it back on I removed the SD Card which has now been out for 20 minutes and the 301 seems okay and awaiting the return of the SD Card. Nothing was plugged into any jacks or loaded up when the 301 originally lost power or on the subsequent test.

I don’t expect a response as it was a one time glitch and as of yet I cannot repeat the shutdown. I’ll update here should it happen again.

I just had the unit reboot twice in quick succession with the second reboot starting before the first finished. I’m almost inclined to think it was a power issue. So I switched the 301 from BUS to REG and will see if that was in fact the issue.

Let’s keep an eye on this!

If you were on the BUS setting then the ER-301 was using the 5V power rail of your case for most of its power needs. However, you only listed the remaining available current for the +12V and -12V rails. Perhaps there is some confusion about what the 5V source selection switch does?

When you have time, please read this:

i’ve had some power loss (or “self switch off”) too, but not so random: it just happened to me when performing a quicksave while having several audio-rate modulations on a manual grains (and it also occurred a few days before while upgrading firmware (i’m glad for the microSD adapter, it lives in my laptop’s card slot ^^)).
The resulting quicksave file appears to weight 0 bytes on the sd card.
I was also using the BUS setting.
After switching to the REG setting (and recovering my previous quicksave) i can’t reproduce that power loss. So i guess it’s simply my 5V rail that is a bit too weak.

Thank you for the report. It does sound like a brown out situation. REG is the recommended setting for now since it seems that a shared 5V rail often has too much variability to keep the ER-301’s processor happy.

I have a similar issue but I have no idea if it is related to the ER-301 received last week or with any other digital module in my small case. It could be the Expert Sleepers modules too or Hermod. Or a problem with the USB plugged to the ES and Squarp modules.

I was thinking that the Meanwell PSU (RT-65B) in my Bastl Marton case was the cause so I replaced it today but the problem has just happened again, the case shuts down itself after a certain period of time (between 45 minutes and 3 hours), 6th time it happens in two days, the CPU load of the ER301 is generally around 14%. It’s super scary when it happens suddenly :open_mouth:

These are the specs of the case sold by Bastl Output voltages/current: +5V/5000mA, +12V/2800mA, -12V/500mA

and this is my system

Power Consumption: 1294 mA +12V | 266 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V

Do you think I should change my Eurorack case ? at least the Power Supply ? :-/ is REG the factory setting ? because I didn’t change any setting on the ER-301 since I received it.

You have almost certainly overloaded/overheated the RT-65B. It is also possible that you are underloading the 5V line.

The total power output of the RT-65B cannot exceed 65W and that max power is severely derated once the temperature of the supply starts exceeding 40-deg C. See the derating curve in the datasheet.

Your supply also has minimum current requirements on the 12V and 5V lines. See current ranges in the datasheet.

Your supply needs ventilation for cooling.

The datasheet is short. I recommend reading every line and taking it very literally.

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Thanks for these informations Brian, yes it’s a small 2X72hp wooden case made by Bastl Instruments, it doesn’t « breath » and it easily becomes hot and has no ventilation. I don’t blame the Er-301 of course, I’m just worried. When you write I’m « underloading the 5V line » what do you mean ? What should I do ? I’m gonna try to find a proper case with an external power brick, maybe the Intellijel metal case. Power incidents are always scary with many expensive modules in the rack :slight_smile: