ER-301 reboots repeatedly on Trogotronic m15 PSU

dear all,
i’ve just received my ER-301 … bought one second hand from a guy in vienna and had it shipped to frankfurt.

i powered up the device and everything seemed to work fine – the UI loaded up and navigation etc seemed to work. yet, before i even started to fiddle around with it, the ER-301 began to reboot after running for roughly one minute (counting up to 100%, then repeating the reboot over and over again).

powered down my PSU and restarted the device by powering it up again. same story – after just a moment, i’m caught in a reboot-loop.

i headed over to the orthogonal devices page, downloaded the newest firmware (0.1.16p15), followed instructions to update it. i loaded up the 48khz file – the screen on the ER-301 turned blank and nothing happened.

after waiting a while, i turned the PSU off and on again – ER-301 doesn’t load up at all anymore. display stays blank, no LEDs turn on – nothing.

would really appreciate some quick support :frowning:

You’ve tried plugging it as the only device on the bus? Have you checked what power setting the switch is set to, such as 12V or 5V - maybe it’s set to 5V and you don’t have enough on that bus??? Is the little red CPU/SOC card fully seated?

thanks timefireVR.
i have loads of headroom on my PSU, so i’m pretty sure this isn’t the problem. anyways – the device doesn’t even start up anymore (which it at least did before i tried installing the new firmware).

the little 5V switch on the back is set to “bus”. all (sd-)cards seem to sit tight, if this is what you mean.

any chance i can reset the firmware somehow to at least get back into the UI?

The reboot loop means that your PSU is not providing enough power to your ER-301. What are your PSU specifications?

hello brian,

thanks for the quick reply… i’m using this powersupply -> … seems to have 5A on -12/+12 and another 1A on the 5V rail. i don’t have a lot of other modules connected, so i can’t imagine that power is the issue :frowning:

anyways, it appears as if the ER-301 is bricked by now… it doesn’t load up at all, anymore (after i tried installing the latest firmware). i suppse that the installation may have failed. anything i can do to at least boot it up again and to try reinstalling the firmware?

Why would you try to update the firmware when you know the ER-301 is rebooting repeatedly? :fearful: It will reboot during the firmware update procedure and then leave you with a partial update and thus not able to boot. So now you have 2 problems:

  1. You are not providing enough power to the ER-301
  2. Your boot files are corrupted.

To fix #2 follow these instructions:

The Emergency Manual Update Procedure
(This is not the normal firmware update procedure! You only need to do this if the regular updater using the FRONT card fails for some reason.)

  1. Download the firmware archive that you want to install and unzip its contents on your PC.
  2. Unscrew your ER-301 from the case and look at the back. There is a SD card on the back. I will call this the REAR SD card. Take out the REAR SD card and bring it to your PC.
  3. Using your PC, copy the 3 files that were in the firmware archive (MLO, SBL, kernel.bin) to the root directory of the REAR SD card of the ER-301. You will overwrite the 3 files on the card already and that is OK.
  4. Put the REAR SD card back in the ER-301 and power up. You are done.

As for problem #1, have you tried setting the 5V source to REG?

awww thanks a ton – it’s back up and running.

wasn’t to smart to update the firmware before, yet i didn’t know that the rebooting was a power issue (thought it may be due to the old firmware, so i gave it a shot).

ok, so … having the 5V switch set to REG seems to fix the issue of rebooting. i suppose i’m good to go.

Good debugging requires a strong imagination. For example, just having a lot of headroom isn’t the only requirement needed here. Is the 5V rail actually providing 5V? What if it is 4V? Is it steady and clean?

So that could be evidence that your PSU is not providing a clean steady 5V.

I’m pretty sure it needs to be set to REG. I put my 301 in a Trogo case a few weeks ago and needed to make that switch

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thanks… ok, this is good to know. is there any disadvantage as for how it’s running now (with the switch set to “REG”)?
also, i have one of these 5V power conditioners flying around… should i give it a shot?

I guess it is time to put a voltmeter or scope on the Trogo’s 5V rail.

In this case, it is actually an advantage because from the pictures it looks like the Trogo bus boards are deriving 5V from the 12V rail using a linear regulator which is very inefficient. So setting the 5V source switch to REG will also derive 5V from 12V but in a much more power-efficient manner.

I’m going to edit the title of this thread so it comes up in searches.

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