ER-301 saves the day

…or at least the podcast. i was so busy getting my modular together to take over to a friend’s house for our podcast that i forgot my tascam recorder and microphone, and they don’t exactly live down the street.

we sat there scratching our heads for a minute (their audio interface wasn’t available), then i remembered the 301 has inputs that can be set to live level, and we could patch in right from the desk. and we did. and it worked brilliantly and sounds great. it handled 2 hours of 48khz recording with zero problems.

i even had a mild panic moment on the way home when i realized the low latency firmware was loaded for the session (was doing some drum work the night before) and it turned out crackle-free since i had a blank quicksave loaded. such a capable machine.


That’s great! This may be a dumb question, but how do you go about changing the input to line level? I haven’t tried this before

that’s not a dumb question at all. i believe it’s in Admin mode under Preamp settings but it’s hard to confirm without the 301 in front of me.

Can confirm, Admin mode - Preamp Settings in Global Audio.

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