Er-301 scope

Can the scope Mode (or any other Mode) Show the frequency of incoming signals? (A la tuning)


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i think it is a future feature : Tuner unit?

Yes, the tuner unit is a future feature. It is however already possible to get quite a reasonable frequency readout with the pulse to hz unit or similar units that measure a pulse (clocks etc.). You can definitely get close enough to do the final bit of tuning (i.e. the last few cent) by ear.

Sounds like this will work in the meantime! Thanks!

x2mirko, could you maybe elaborate on what you mean? I can’t see how I can get the pulse to be anything other than the internal input?


Maybe I just don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Here’s the most trivial setup I can think of: Aliasing saw oscillator straight into Pulse to Hertz. Substitute the oscillator with the signal you wish to tune.