ER-301 screen: issues or normal?

Just got my 301and only played with a couple of hours, and wanting to check whether a couple of things that I’m noticing are normal or not:

  1. There is a static vertical line in the top screen that is brighter, and can be seen when scrolling the unit tabs left and right - as if it is a line that has been “burned into” the screen.

  1. When pressing the M1 button, and to a somewhat lesser extent the M2 button, I notice that the other buttons and the left side of the screen recess a bit as if it is slightly loose from the front panel.

I appreciate your feedback. I have emailed O|D but also posting here as advised.

It’s not necessary to do both. :wink:

Here is a copy of the reply email that I just sent for completeness:


The first issue probably means that I need to replace your screen for you. However, can you first confirm whether it is there all the time or not because you seem to state that is only there when you are selecting things.

The second issue might be caused by a loose encoder nut but if you are pressing quite hard then there will always be some flex. If you would like to send your ER-301 back to me for warranty repair. Please let me know and I will send the instructions.

Kind regards
Brian Clarkson