ER-301 screen-saver / burn in?

I’ve heard that lifespans of OLEDs aren’t super-high (as in, possibly they’ll need replaced in 10-20 years, which isn’t that much different than an MPC-2000 screen really). Is there any concern about screen burn in? I leave my racks on almost-always, and since the screens don’t turn off like they do on the Plonk, I worry about burn in.

I also figure that it’s possible these screens are somewhat different than OLED tvs and such, and this isn’t practically something I should fret over.

Still, any way we could get some sweet looking screen savers just for fun?


I’d be all for this if it would indeed lengthen the life span of the screen… like if there was an internal timer that would kick the screen if no button presses were detected after X number of hours.


Hehe yep!

And while we’re at it how about a game of pong, pac man or something? :smiley:

The intelligence plonk turns off after no buttons, which is great for screen life but sometimes I wish it would have a little screen saver. I think an oscilloscope always looks great or some kinda portal like the op-1 delay.
Anyway I’m all for saving screen life too!

Screen off seems like the most tasteful option, move encoder to wake?


Into it! +1

I’m listening. :wink:
Let me know your preferences about time and what to display.


User set-able would be ideal on the screen timeout. I also would prefer it just turn off. I don’t need a screen saver, would rather get the full effect of saving the screen life.

It would come back after any hardware item is used. (buttons or encoder)


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  • i second the idea of a system setting of screen time out.
  • i’d be good with a setting in minutes
  • would also suggest a system setting for the type (including ‘off’)
  • i also like the idea of a scope for the type
    (though i’d probably go for the ‘off’ option most of the time)

I’d like the choice scenario as well. If that were possible ie off or scope.


Off and Scope sound good to me as well.

Question about always keeping the modular on:

Is it more expensive to keep it on? I always turn mine off when I’m done but I’d like to keep it on only I don’t want to pay anshit load extra for the convenience.

For those in favor of a scope view: what source would the scope represent?

Edit: currently focused channel?


Depends where you’re at and the cost of electricity. My 21U draws around 60 watts (roughly 5A @ 12V), or about the same as the average incandescent bulb. My electric is 10 cents / kwH in Boston. Comes out to cost me around $4.50 to keep it on for a month. It might be wise to turn it off more often, but it looks so damn pretty.

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I was assuming last/currently focused channel. Maybe if the currently selected channel is empty it just defaults to blank?

Do like a pacman screen saver where he’s chasing the ghosts and they’re chasing him, or a Tetris game on a loop.

My roommate was complaining about it when I would do it and i figured it about the same price, nobody understands that lights aren’t as expensive as heat lol.

Thanks a bunch for the info.

an ASCII sleeping cat from the development roadmap screen :wink:

or… ??

but really…

probably just blank or an O|D logo bouncing around?

Scope would be cool - but i think there’s a more enhanced scope mode coming so this would be redundant here as a screen saver :slight_smile:


I like!!

Ok who’s gonna build the create-a-screensaver-for-ER-301 for iOS app? :grin:

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