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Er-301 sold

Moving house. Selling off modular.

All in all it cost me approx €1,150 after purchase, tax, duty.


Will accept bank transfer or paypal (if you can cover the fees)

Immaculate condition. Original box, microSD (and SD adapter and case).

Are you sure? Even if I use the worse exchange rate in the last year, this still implies that you were charged over 360EUR in taxes. That is 45%…

All reports from Europe so far have stated that taxes were in between 160EUR and 190EUR, or 23% which makes sense.

I was wondering the same. Mine cost me ~760 Euro incl. shipping after conversion, ~945 Euro after customs and taxes in Germany.

Please note I am in Ireland (not the UK) and have a slightly higher VAT rate and duty rate than many other locations in Europe, plus I had paid a once off €50 customs fast track fee where they clear it through customs faster than normal (saving up to a week) and do all the paperwork etc once you pay them. Though I won’t do that again as it ended up taking a few days longer than what was promised.

Sifting through paypal accounts and checking old exchange rates back when I bought it from Japan in April 06 2017 it looks more like this:

$885 in euro = €835 on April 06 2017, though paypal add a bit to the currency conversion
23% VAT = 1€92.05
3.2% import duty = €26.72
Sub-total: €1,053.77
plus €50 customs clearance service: €50

Total: €1,103.77
Now the real total may have been a little more as I can’t find what the exact paypal conversion was, their rates are usually a tad worse than “internet” daily conversion rates.

I had a value in my head of what I paid in the region of 1150, so, I wasn’t far off with this figure in my head after all.


From amount £722.95 GBP
To amount $875.00 USD
Exchange rate: 1 British pound = 1.21033US dollars

These are PayPal exchange rates from my actual receipt, which are typically higher than any official published rates.

I will have the Import Duty (3.5%) / VAT (20%) / + Post Office Ransom Fee (could be anything they make it up as they go along, I seem to remember this one being about £30 - they justify this by saying they have to pay the Import Duty and VAT for you - which is not actually true, but it’s more hassle than it’s worth to argue with them.

£722.95 * 1.235 = £892.84 which is about 1027.55EUR at todays rates, I seem to remember it being worse at the time I bought mine, which I admit is a while ago, just over 2 years :open_mouth:

Still need to add the post office fee whatever that is, and I think you would also pay additional VAT on the postage - even though this is included in the price of the original purchase, the folks at the duty office or wherever they are won’t know this. So generally add that too!

It’s not that far off.

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Thank you Kel, see my post above.

I would appreciate it if you did not take advantage of my inability to meet demand in a timely manner. At least, don’t do right in front of me where I have to look every day at it. You are more than welcome to sell your ER-301 here at a USED price. If you are going try to sell at the NEW price then please sell it elsewhere.

Edit: Ah I see you dropped the price. I guess that is fine then. Thank you.


Just for interests sake, (I fully respect @odevices stance here and think it is fair) there is quite a bit of price hiking going on elsewhere - Rabid Elephant or Cwejman are two examples that spring to mind :persevere:

More generally, many things accumulate value based on scarcity - the art world is crazy; all I am saying is that there is a line of thought that could celebrate that you’re creating something that is valued so much @odevices :wink:

Anyway, glad all ended well here - it makes a nice change to see something that flies in the face of our ‘disposable society’.

All very true, of course. I do think that if you buy something from me, it is 100% yours and you can do whatever you want with it. It is just that there are some things that I would prefer you did not do in front of me. :laughing:


Talking about customs, mine took almost 3 weeks to reach home after arriving at Madrid airport, and an extra 280€ which made the total cost of almost 1000€ …

When talking with friends after seen some X-men film about what super-power will you choose, I always say “tele-transportation” to avoid those things and shipping/customs delays …

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in Agoust 2018 my two er-301 payed in total with fee tax and customs charges €1030 each = €2060

I was going to add that charging people for your impatience is kind of under handed. I mean sell it for however much you want, but if you are going to tell people that it is 50 euro more because you didn’t want to wait for customs… I mean unless that 50 euro is mandatory, I don’t see how that is fair.