ER-301 Spotting (well sorta)


So just a shameless plug…

This movie I worked on comes out on April 13 (in North America).

I did a bunch of modular work on the score, and there’s some ER-301 in there… manual grains was used to create many sounds from real recorded sources.

This movie is as ridiculous as you’d imagine… but lots of fun!! :slight_smile:


So cool :smile:. Was thinking about seeing this movie, but now I have to see it.

Btw, Japanese cover art wins :p.

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Is that… movie based on the badass game Rampage?

Wow :smiley:

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That’s awesome… would be great if you could take us through some of the sound creation on YouTube! We need more real-world usage of modular represented.


Whoa! Awesome @NeilParfitt !!! A big +1 from me on a process video of some sort. Congrats :+1:

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hmm i’d have to figure out what to show… honestly, it’s always more simple than you’d expect :slight_smile:


Word. Well, either way I’ll check out the film and keep my ears open!


There’s an article in Variety:

2 spots in the video have my modular and the 301 is front and centre! Wooo!

My nose is also in the second clip behind Andrew… lol…


Awesome Neil! I really enjoy your videos too!

Lol, good one on getting your nose in! :slight_smile:

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How are you credited Neil? (alas I think the chances of watching the credits myself are quite slim! :grinning:)

I think as “programmer”.

Thanks…and in practice you’re providing specifically modular sound for the composer or something broader?

Having been engaged in freelance radio work I’m not accustomed to sound getting to much by way of budgetary attention, :grin: but the flights to Central America to get howler monkey recordings etc…seemed to suggest quite a bit of resource available there?

I found his nose too!

My company worked on this movie, too! We do playback graphics.