ER-301 starter questions

I’d like to chime in here and say I find the choice in characterization to be poorly chosen.

i love lamp.



I actually didn’t mean to use the word unpolished as criticism at all, I guess because English is not my native language I didn’t realize the strong connotation. The feeling I tried to convey was something like “raw power”, which I think is more accurate?

As a late starter in sound design and audio technology these kind of pointers are essential for getting a handle on something like the ER-301, so thanks @NeilParfitt !

I had some time to figure out all the menus yesterday and man it’s a lot of fun :rainbow: Love it to bits already. Anyway, hope I didn’t spoil it with you guys, would actually love to stick around for a while… And I will probably have more questions along the road too :thinking:



what a nice frickin guy!
i wish everyone was as nice as this forum.
only one douche in like a year. (not you, i forgot who it is. a real psycho tho)


No spoilage here :grin: from my perspective non native English observed and taken into consideration. I’m a non native speaker myself, Strine being my native tongue. North Americans are misunderstanding me constantly! :grinning:


That’s pretty funny. Happy I’m not the douche haha
But yeah there is this new trend of nice forums and groups, it’s a new thing!

No spoilage! :slight_smile: Please stick around. It’s a great group of people!


Awesome @Bparticle…RAW POWER and fun is what’s driving so many of us who are amazed at how these O|D tools evolve. Great that you are on board with such enthusiasm.

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I’m going to use this thread for its nice title :slight_smile: hopefully nobody minds…

I’m trying to figure put ways to get random triggers so that I can control the density. Regular triggers are easy, just put an oscillator in a trig input, but how about random?

Have you checked out @Patatelemage’s random gate patch? Guessing it would get you almost all the way there.

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Thanks @Joe - will have to check it! :slight_smile:

…would white noise& bump scanner… i’ll have to try it

Velvet Noise works really well for random triggers.

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Could you expand on that a bit? :slight_smile:

Check out the velvet noise unit. By modulating the rate control you can alter the density…from no trigs at all to full on noise. I use this a lot.


Thanks. Dreaming this up while away from my 301. Much appreciated!

is that clockable? or it can be clocked somehow using s&h before bump scanner?

You could place a quantize to clock unit behing the velvet noise to generate random clocked triggers…like the qu-bit nano rand.