ER-301 Teletype Scenes

Hey everyone,

I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread where folk can share their ER-301 specific Teletype scenes as I don’t think there is anywhere else suitable for this yet.

I thought about putting this thread on Lines, but these are more specific to the ER-301 than they are to the Teletype in general, although it’s possible some scenes will translate very nicely, like this one:

This is DOT 3, based wholly on the work by @scanner_darkly so I cannot take any credit, except that I have updated it to work on the newer versions of the Grid Ops firmware where the grid starts at 0,0 rather than 1,1 and also modified the Trigger and CV outs to be ER-301 specific.

Namely TR port 1 and CV ports 1 through 4 as detailed in SCRIPT #2

SC.CV 1 N PN 0 A
SC.CV 3 V + 2 C
SC.CV 4 V + 2 D

Here’s a stupid video of it in action:

Teletype Dot 3 to ER-301

Normally I would share an ER-301 custom unit to go with this script and will do in the future where appropriate, but this one is just a trigger and cv so hardly seems worth it.

Anyway, here’s the scene text file, have fun! (982 Bytes)

Learned loads from working out how to fix this script, a good exercise if you’re just beginning!

Looking forward to see what everyone else shares :smiley:

Cheers :beer:

p.s. the original pong (DOT 2) is available here:


Excellent idea for a thread, thanks so much for getting it started @anon83620728 Kel.

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Thanks Kel. I have to admit that I’m thrilled you are gelling with the Teletype, as it felt like you were kvetching a bit about scripts and computer keyboards prior to your decision to order it. Seeing your enthusiasm now is a great big breath of fresh air. And thanks again for this thread.

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Cheers :smiley:

Yep - this is a big hit, totally different to how I perceived it even though I spent far too long reading about it.

No scene to share today, but just thought I’d share this:

L 1 30: SC.CV I RAND 10000

This thing is ridiculous - it is making beautiful ever evolving sounds come from the simplest of things - sine waves have never been so happy!



this teletype business is very interesting!

30 Sine Oscs at the 301 end? :crazy_face:

Hehe that would be crazy, no, all this does is send a different random voltage to 30 ports on the ER-301! I say this is ‘all’ it does - it’s really amazing this is possible!

I got up to using about 14 of them - it’s kinda hard to use that much random without it turning into a mess.

Not sure if I was having issues or not though, maybe some kind of bottleneck, it was late so I am not sure, will have to look at it again.

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Ah right. The slew setting would have a big effect there - along with how often you are running the loop.

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Yeah, seems it’s not unlimited - well of course not - to wit, I would like some practical guidance on how much you can push the Teletype and ER-301 over i2c. I realise this is pretty far out there and I might have to work this out myself :slight_smile:

The bottleneck here will be how often you are running the loop. Was the loop entered in Live mode or on a script page?

It was a script page and you’re absolutely right, I should separate it off into its own script, I was tacking it onto the end of the main sequence script - not the brightest idea!

To be honest though, it was more a case of just seeing if I could exceed the number of physical patch points on the ER-301 and use some of the physical ones too - as this seems to me to be the most compelling reason to use this protocol.

More Teletype / ER-301 experiments to come :slight_smile:

The thing is, the loop won’t necessarily run to I=30 as every time the script is triggered, the loop restarts and I=1 again.

If the loop was run from Live or the Init script, you’d find all 30 SC.CV units were changed.

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Ahhh! That’s really really helpful, of course it makes perfect sense but I hadn’t realised this and it does explain a few things - thank you :smiley:

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Just did some experiments and it’s likely that something else was causing the bottleneck.

I’m going to have a play with some scripts for the ER-301 now and see if I can come up with something useful!

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sorry if this has been answered somewhere, but can the er301 send anything to the teletype, or is it only unidirectional?

One direction, TT only acts as the master.

ahhh figured.

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Yay, adapted the teletype script at Euclidean rhythms on the Monome Teletype · Sam Doshi to also send SC.TR pulses on channels 1-4 by adding to the last line on script 3:
; SC.TR.P 1
and likewise for script 4:
; SC.TR.P 2
and so on, and so forth

Next step is configuring TXi knobs + some external knobs to modify spaces and pulses. This is going to be fun!!!


I have a very similar scene! I use the TT knob to control the Length for all tracks, then Txi knobs 1-4 control Fill for tracks 1-4. I had to make sure that Fill was sort of “capped” at Length, otherwise Fill exceeding Length had the affect of muting that track.

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I feel like I’m going to need more Txi’s now :slight_smile: Hopefully some more kits will come available soon!