ER-301 Users Live Stream hangout! come join

So this is short notice but I am about to go live with a couple other Er-301 users on a live google hangout. we are going to just talk general building tips, workflows and just simply discuss… If you would like to join, please just have a webcam and mic, and a quiet space.
here is the join link

and here is the link for if you would just like to watch or join the live text chat


Very cool!


Nice. Wish I could have joined live. Looking forward to watching the replay.


It’s not a one time event. I plan on doing it again in the near future


Excellent :+1:

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I see that when you rename a control, the new name is not propagating to the rest of the UI properly. :bowing_man: This will be fixed in the next release.


I dropped in this morning at work, away from studio but thought I’d say g’day, but the Hangouts rejected me :cry:! It’s a good time of day for me, so I’ll keep my eyes out for further happenings.

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I just watched the recording.

I also have my ER-301 right up front in easy reach, even though it’s not a “hands-on” module in terms of performance. When programming it for more than a couple of minutes, I want good ergonomics for both the screen and the controls :slight_smile:

I love the time machine! :grin:

I don’t find myself using the ER-301 as a sampler very much (aside from delay-related FX), and now I kind of wonder how popular various usages/functions of the module are.

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Thanks for watching, everybody! I promise I’ll be a lot more prepared and less faded next time :wink:


really enjoyed your cast… I think the format works well, all the ideas, tips and demonstrations. You guys have a natural chemistry and plenty of banter which makes the gig entertaining. Can I put in a request please? Would you have a chat about pan v cross fade next time you get together and maybe explore a unit of two.

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Bummed that I missed this!

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Supercool! Loved the video.

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+1. Watched the whole thing this afternoon and it was entertaining and informative. Looking forward to more in this format guys!

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Excellence all around. I hope the participants and organizer took away a desire for a second go 'round.

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Oh definitely, and if you are unfamiliar with my channel I recommend you look through the videos and playlists I have created. Quite a few interviews and shows like this, and other content you might enjoy. :slight_smile: I hope to do another very very soon. Much to cover and discuss

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Great! Will check out your channel.

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