ER-301 with F8R i2c question

hey everyone
total i2c noob here. im actually very new to the 301 as well. i just got a michigan synth works f8r to use with the 301. aside from the physical connection on the back, which ive already made, what else do i need to do the integrate them? ive seen some mentions of a teletype package that needs to be installed. am i supposed to do that even though i dont have a teletype. i dont see any options in the systems setting. im assuming i should normally see some sort of unit i can drop in any parameter that would allow me to map one of the faders to it.

i found this post related to a 16n and im guessing i need to do something similar I2C setup with 16n Faderbank - #8 by iiii

where can i find the teletype package if i do need it? any direction would be appreciated

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Thanks for asking this. I don’t have an answer to your question as I’m also new to the 301 and am considering a f8r so I’m watching this thread for responses.

Keen to see how these 2 connect to each other!

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I use two F8R with my two er-301. it works very well!

  • You need the latest firmware for the F8R (atm 2.0.2)
  • In the F8R editor is a hint how to set the master/slave setting so it works with ER-301.
  • ER-301 needs the package “teletype”.
  • To get CV from the F8R - the SC.CV module must be inserted as modulation source. The correct port must be selected (for F8R 1 to 8) and gain must be set.
    Hope it helps…

thanks! i have the firmware updated to the latest on both modules. where can i find the teletype package? i didnt see any direct links from the wiki page on teletype integration and ive not been able to find a direct link in the lines forum

nevermind, i found it. i got the 301 used and for some reason a bunch of the packages were not on the sd card or installed.

Just in case, here is the documentation that I have:

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thanks! i got it working. i didnt immediately spot the leader/follower setting in the f8r firmware, and that was the last piece of the puzzle. great little pair these two.