ER-301 with MN Rosie

Anyone here using a Make Noise Rosie with the ER-301? Interested to know how your workflow has changed. Until now, I’ve been very happy with Rosie, recording the audio output through it, but now with the ER-301 I feel unnecessary to use an external recorder.

With Rosie, I tend to move between two mono channels, sometimes mixing in between, and send/return to the Erbe-Verb, mixing the return… but not sure about such workflow with the ER-301, since if I mult or reroute the Erbe-Verb to the ER-301, I will only record the 100% wet, and if I adjust the reverb amount, I have to unplug the mono input from Rosie, plug it directly to the Erbe-Verb… Or should I just send the final mix through the ER-301, before Rosie, with channels 3 and 4, for example, to output the inputs (I don’t like to use multiples or stackables for the final signal), to the stereo “return” in Rosie. So I could be using Rosie simply as a way to switch between two mono outputs and one stereo, having to unplug or mute one of the mono signals if I just want to listen to the stereo signal.

Sorry for this convoluted post. As you can see, it’s something I don’t have very clear… The only thing I have clear is that I don’t want to get rid of Rosie (Actually, I have two), or get another output module, if I can avoid it.

With the 301, you have all the facilities and I/O to create a send /return for verb as well as cv controlling the balance AND recording at at the same time.

The Rosie would be a redundant module, imo.

There are no ABCD4 inputs :grin: So at most 6ch mixing in your given CV-controllable+Send/Return configuration.

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Ahaha I’m an idiot. I knew something was off when I exported that image but I couldn’t place it in the moment! :nerd_face:

How about this? Could you see the G inputs being am issue for normal control of VCAs?

Thanks for your illustrated answer, Neil. I’m still studying the drawing. (By the way, what program do you use for those?)
So, if I understand you correctly, you’re suggesting I simply use Rosie “return” (stereo) channels as outputs after the ER-301, and forget about its channels A and B? Yes, that’s a possibility, but I’m trying to think how to integrate my Rosie workflow to the ER-301, how the two could help each other (whilst helping me).

I really like the interface of Rosie, and at least for now I don’t intend to replace it with the ER-301 (if only the ER-301 would have had a headphones, monitoring output… Brian, what were you thinking, ha ha ha).

Now that I think about it, thanks to your drawing, if I don’t need CV control, the ER-301 could be used as as massive 16 channels audio mixer. Crazy… But I would still want it to be Rosie’s best friend, perhaps with OUT 1-4 to Rosie ChA, B and stereo return.

It’s a program called OmniGraffle. It’s pretty wicked for throwing diagrams and handouts together in OSX.

This diagram was giving an idea of operating the send /return from the 301, so essential the Rosie could be your output / headphone driver.

But of course you could treat the stereo return as an additional set of stereo inputs.

And yes, if you lose the CV control you could setup more inputs with some mixer channels!


+1 for Omnigraffle - it is excellent!!

How do you get 3/4 stereo out to the in on Erbe Verb? Am I missing something, I hope am as I’ve spent all this time thinking Erbe Verb was mono input only!!!

Stereo in is an alt-fact :slight_smile: from memory.

Yeah just use out 3 to feed the erb… and if you don’t care about stereo panning of the mixers, track 3 could run mono leaving 4 for something else :slight_smile:

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I’m both happy and sad I was right in the first place!

It’s the stereo panning that makes all the difference for me… I guess if you were doing club music it wouldn’t matter in the slightest!

The more I think about this the more I think I will end up with a WMD Performance Mixer at some point - that thing looks the bees knees!!

I have serial #1 of the performance mixer set! Saved my life on my large system as it can accommodate so many signals!

I only have a few dislikes… mainly the mono send/returns. However, there’s a master stereo insert and if you have the expander there’s additional stereo tracks you can use as returns for the A/B sends (which is what I did).

Oh thanks - good to know!! My main concern is the sheer size of it and that I invested in a couple of MOTU 828 (one chained via ADAT) which gives me 16 channels I can plug into directly from the modular - this works really well at home, but it’s a faff taking it out and generally forces me to rethink things.

I also considered Rosie as a little helper in this regard, but I just keep coming back to the Octatrack as my best friend out live :slight_smile: