ER-301 with the KOMA ELEKTRONIC Strom mobile?

Is it possible to use the ELEKTRONIC Strom mobile with ER-301?
Strom Mobile – Portable Power Solution – KOMA Elektronik

The Strom Mobile transforms the output voltage of USB power banks (5V DC) to either 9V or 12V DC to power any (music) device running on those voltages. There are two independent channels which can output individually set voltages. The Strom Mobile includes an input current feedback system to save the user from exceeding the maximum output current of the USB powerbank in use.


Not quite. You will also need -12V.

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So what would you have to do to to give it -12V with the Koma Strom mobile, if possible at all?

Seems like it’d make more sense to get a powerbank that outputs DC that will work with a regular Eurorack power supply.

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Do you know about any that do. Not much luck googling it.

Searching for “laptop powerbank” will get ones that output various/higher voltages. Something like this:

which can output 16V or 20V should work with supplies like uZeus, 4MS Row Power, or Intellijel’s. It’s hard to reccomend a power supply without knowing what kind of case you’re intending to use or your overall power draw.


Thank you! Did not think of laptop powerbanks. Will most likely use it for a uZeus.

I really am not sure what you’re cooking up here. I thought I’d call your attention to this post before you buy a uZeus for use with the ER-301. Not sure if it’s applicable or not but please have a read first. :wink: That way you’ll be informed if there is a potential issue.

Hum, digital noise - #56 by odevices

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No cooking :slight_smile: Using the Uzeus i had from before allready. No hum.
But thank u for the warning.

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Cool. I’ve never had a problem with my uZeus either. Just wanted you to be aware. :slight_smile:

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uzeus + 301 here as well. powering 4 rows @ 104 hp with two uzeus.
overpowered universal laptop bricks (75 w each, in theory at 15v it’s 5A but they output max 3A) so i have lot of headroom.