ER-301 withdrawn from sale - nothing to see here!

ER-301 withdrawn from sale. Carry on.

I am interested in ER-301.
How much is it?

As far as I know this is fine, not sure about the purchasing category though, just general discussion is fine.

Of course the usual rules apply, in short:

Buyers and sellers be excellent to one another

…and of course O|D can’t take any responsibility if you get burned!

ER-301 withdrawn from sale

I feel a bit foolish for changing my mind so quickly but I am going to withdraw my ER-301 from sale. I spent some more time with it this evening and decided I can still cut my modular right down and keep the ER-301.

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But perhaps you are actually wise for reaching this conclusion. :slight_smile:


LOL Joe! Watching one of your videos (the bump scanner) earlier today on my commute home inspired me to power it up this evening for one last fiddle, and here we are :slight_smile:

I second that this is a wise choice, it’s not even fully developed yet, who knows what 0.4 will bring :smiley:


i cannot imagine parting with mine. only a few months and it has brought my live set to unprecedented heights :slight_smile: also using it in the studio in every damn patch i make, there’s always some job for it eheheh