ER101/102 as complex gate sequencer

I’m curious if anyone here is using the ER101/102 as a complex gate sequencer?

I’ve not experimented yet, but I imagine that all 12 channels could work as triggers?!

(trying to avoid getting a dedicate trigger sequencer so would love to hear some success stories :wink: )

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I’m using a pair of 101/102 for main drum sequencer - works great.

I’m using the group transforms to create fills with a fsr tile attached - works very nicely.

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thanks fellas, totally inspired and will forge ahead

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It’s pretty easy, just create a step and set the CV value high enough to trigger your sound source, then place an empty step in-between each ‘trigger’.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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actually I have just uploaded a short ER-101 based Patch, I was warming up for a Full Review mini series (maybe 2 or 3 videos)

In this patch I do not use the ER-102 (which is there next to the er101) but I use the ER-101 to sequence 7 separate voices and a couple of CV controls, etc… including Kick, Snare and Hats. All from the ER-101

So yes I am triggering the drum parts with Track 1
Gate = Kick
CV-B = Hats (via Branches to drive both Closed and Open Hats)
CV-A = Snare